Super Bowl Sunday: Pot Roast


It's Super Bowl sunday and the Sea Hawks are playing! I decided to mix up my dinner/lunch routine with something special. As a single girl you still want to be able to join in on the festivities. Usually my family would be BBQing and drinking so I decided to take this time to learn how to cook something I would make if I had a few family and friends over.

I decided on a Pot Roast!

Since I live in an apartment grilling wasn't an option. I do own a Gorge Foreman but it doesn't really do the same thing as a charcoal grill. This is how I ended up pulling out my new crockpot. Saturdays I usually clean up my apartment and put away laundry. By the afternoon I'm decided whether or not hit the bars with friends or stay in and catch a movie. It's been cold here in Long Beach (CA) for the past few days so I decided to stay in until Sunday when I'll be scouting the local scene for SeaHawk fans lol.

Alcohol of Choice: Ciroc, Pink lemonade, Sprite,  and grenadine

Here's a few pictures but if you're looking for the recipe please check out "You're Too Crafty's Blog."


12oz = 1 can of Coke so that's 1 1/2 Cup of Soda incase you buy a large bottle
Put your AuJus mix in after the pot roast has cooked for 3-5 hours on High.


Instead of water: white wine
Instead of coke: orange juice, apple juice, or rootbeer (beer) LOL.

I would salt and pepper the roast before cooking. Also add onions, carrots, and thyme.


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