Surviving Valentine's Day


Don't give me that look...I already know what you're thinking."I hate Valentine's Day" and you're asking, "Why is this a holiday anyway? you should be in love all the time not just one day a year." Well that's all true but it is a holiday and people do actually celebrate their love. So instead of being negative about this day try to make it a day about SELF LOVE and showing yourself that one day a year wasn't created to smite all the single ladies in the world. Use Valentine's day as reminder to love yourself first and to show other's you love them.


When I was a teen my Aunt would get a call mid day that sounded SUPER URGENT. Myself, being an adolescent, I didn't realize it was Valentine's Day because I never had one. Anyways, my Aunt would spring to her feet and collect me on her way out the door. While sitting in the car she would say, "your cousin forgot it was Valentine's Day and now we have to choose his wife some nice flowers and gift." I was all too excited to do this because I love gifting people. So, there we were in my favorite place in the world, "the Flower Shop." Inside, there were people running around and arrange large bouquets of my favorites peonies, orchids, and lilies. We always ended up picking out red roses because, of course, they were readily available and a teddy bear to match. I guess this is where my disgust with red roses and teddy bears came from. It was just sooo traditional and boring! A few times I got to pick out colorful arrangements because every year my cousin would forget to get his wife a gift. His wife always loved what we picked out but I loved going there to see men picking out flowers and leaving with huge smiles on their faces. Now, I have come to realized I was helping my cousin get laid LOL.

The point of the story isn't that my cousin forgot it was Valentine's Day but the love my aunt had for my cousin and also his wife. She didn't hesitate to get up from what she was doing or anticipate what she would receive from my uncle. She simply gathered herself and completed her mission. That's LOVE!

As for me, my parents would buy bouquets of roses and send them to my school. I would be picked up by uncle and share a lovely meal with my parents. I'm lucky to say this happened a few times in my adolescence. I really felt loved and appreciated by parents so I never thought too much about having a Valentine as a teen. As I got older, college years, my roommate's dad had sent her a package on Valentine's day with perfume and another friend of mine received two lovely bouquets of purple roses. I started resenting Valentine's Day because I had never had a Valentine. So for all the girls who ever felt like me once upon a time here's a few suggestions to get you over the Valentine's Day Hump.


  • Order In! yes, call up your favorite restaurant and see if they deliver.
  • Grab a bottle of wine and watch your favorite movie.
  • Go out with your friends (dancing, karaoke, bowling, etc) and don't talk about Valentine's Day just compliment each other and discuss life goals.
  • Buy someone a Valentine's Day gift and take it to them.
  • Buy a bouquet of roses and hand out individual roses to random people where you live. You never know when someone is feeling the same way you are. Spreading a smile never hurt anyone.
  • Volunteer! there's always some community event in a city ie black history month.
  • Try out a community event for man is going to find you inside your house. Get out!
  • Get lost in a romance novel: Fifty Shades of Grey.
  • Go to a spa.
  • Get your nails, hair, eyebrows, etc done.
  • Cook something you'd make if you were on a date - hey, practice makes perfect.
  • DON'T THINK ABOUT IT...Go to work.
  • Make yourself a custom Valentine's Day card!
  • Send yourself some flowers: to work, to school, to your home, etc. "To you - from you."
  • Help a friend by suggesting some cool restaurants or gifts for their significant other.
  • Throw a "Sex & The City" party for all your friends/ single or not. Watch reruns.

    DON'T DO:
    Ruin someone else's Day!

    ie. Don't steals someone's boy/girl friend. Don't tell someone about a surprise. Don't CRY over an Ex they are probably out with someone else or don't even realize what day it is. Don't call an EX either.

    Happy Holiday! XOXO


    My Valentine's Day was pretty cool. I went to work, hung out with my bosses and coworker, I then went home and hung out with my friends, ate well, had a few drinks, looked fashionable, went to the movies, and stopped to smell the roses. No better place to be than in good company.

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    This blog is NOT geared toward sexual orientation or gender classification. This blog is based solely on the blog authors experience and research. This blog is geared toward promoting a mixture of masculine and feminine attire and with an integrated genderless lifestyle.

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