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Everyone has felt emptiness after a break up and the need to find a distraction. While most find another person, I would suggest looking for something that will put you back in the position mood you were in before you were sad. Therefore, go in search of a beautiful distraction that will help you learn some responsibility and remind of the value you place on the little things in life.

One day in late November I decided to go shopping at the 99 cent only store. My kitchen was in desperate need of attention after having been neglected over the decorating of my bathroom. While a friend and I were walking through the aisle I came across a shelf full of beautiful plants and one was a Kalanchoe blossfeldiana It was beautiful with all its pink flowers and I decided it would brighten up my desk area in my living room. I also a bought a miniature rose bush (not a good idea since they grow better outdoors in direct sunlight) and I bought another plant I have no name for). The worst part about buying plants from the 99 cents only store is that not all of them come with the labels on them. You need the labels so you can know what to google in terms of care for the plant. Overall, buying from the 99 Cents Only store is a budget friendly way to get you back on track. Since this will probably be your first plant you won't be sad if you lose it to overwatering or under watering. Don't set your expectations too high and you can always go back and purchase another one for 99 cents.

In the past few weeks I have had issues with caring for my 99 cents plants. My miniature rose bush had died, but I expected that to happen and the other two plants have had yellow leaves. These plants have now been in my apartment for a few months and I'm starting to get attached to them. The best part about deciding to purchase a plant is that they don't come with as much responsibility as an animal or another person. Also, if you follow the care tips online you are bound to "WIN." After a breakup, you will feel really down about your ability to "WIN" so a plant can really help set you up with a better mood. My focus now is to nurse these plants back to life.

Today I bought my first Moth Orchid and she's a beauty! I'm very happy with my purchase. Orchids can cost $10 and up so I was happy to find this beauty at my local grocery store for $8.99. Compared to Fresh & Easy's $12.99 + California tax I felt like I was seriously getting a deal! Even as I walked out of the store with my "prize" the greeter at the door said that an Orchid at that price was a deal! A few tips though when it comes to buying an orchid: UPDATE - I have three orchids now. I just bought another house plant. I have a total of 8 plants.

  1. Make sure you look at the roots, if they look dead don't buy it, choose another one. 
  2. If the leaves are yellowing don't buy it. 
  3. If you think you will not buy liquid fertilizer, then don't buy it. 
I suggest getting the 99 cents plants first and then buying a high maintenance plant. Once you get at least two plants in your place, then paying for liquid plant fertilizer will be worth the money. Houseplants are a great distraction, but also will encourage you to be dedicated to nurturing growth. To keep your space beautiful you will want to make sure your plant is growing so you will start caring for it. I love the compliments I get about my plants and helps me feel like I'm caring for something. We all know women love to take care of something. Instead, of trying to find happiness in a broken relationship I decided to grow some strength by purchasing a little piece of heaven.

Spend a little less time worrying about the future and start planning the future.

SIDE NOTE: I also had a bamboo plant with three stocks for 4 years prior to my 99 cents store plants. My bamboo stocks were healthy and happy until one day they started dying. I don't know why, but I only have one original stock left and I replaced the other three. The new stocks are doing very well. Now I have five living plants in my apartment which make it very cozy.

Go out and purchase one plant and see if it won't change your life.

Care tips for your Orchids:

This blog is NOT geared toward sexual orientation or gender classification. This blog is based solely on the blog authors experience and research. This blog is geared toward promoting a mixture of masculine and feminine attire and with an intergraded genderless lifestyle.

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