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Naya Rivera has been bashed lately for her recent marriage to Ryan Dorsey, a fellow actor, originally from Charleston West Virginia. The friends turned husband and wife duo have known each other for sometime, four years to be exact. When her relationship with rapper, Big Sean, ended in April the result was Dorsey swooping in to snag her up.

My question is why is Naya being bashed for doing what more women should do? 

Move on to a man who loves them! She's bashed because parternalisticly the guy is suppose to win by moving on before the heartbroken damsel in distress, so that he can go out, sleep with hundreds of women and save some hoe. Instead, the so-called damsel, went out "like a man" and got what she wanted and she wasn't apologetic about it. Yes, I was shocked that she got married, but I was happy as hell to see a black woman put herself out there, what she wanted, and see her go get it. 

Rivera is the star of the TV show "Glee" and she was married to Dorsey on July 19th in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. This is supposed to the same day she was scheduled to marry former financeè Big Sean. Either way, Dorsey married Rivera in front of a small group of close family and friends.


There is a lesson to be learned from Naya's choice to move forward after ending a bad engagement to Big Sean. According to Naya he gave her a gift, Rolex, and then took it back. There's no telling what kind of arrangement they had but it seems pretty petty to take something you gave someone you claimed to love. I don't know all the details, but this much is true, Big Sean decided not to marry her, and for whatever reason...assuming he was not ready to get married...No offense, but he does not seem like husband material at this point in his life and career. It appears more likely that, he wanted to put Naya on hold while he continued to live a single man's lifestyle and Naya appeared to be ready to commit to a loving relationship with a person who truly valued what she brought to the table a as human being, not just a pretty face, but a woman with needs and desires. 

Now, luckily someone saw Naya's potential and decided to put a ring on it. She was marriage material, the world did not have to see it, as long as the right man saw it. So, you don't have to parade around saying you're "wifey material." If you are, the right man will see it and he'll do good by you. He will "act" like a boyfriend who wants to be your husband. He will put a ring on it, he will set a day, and he will confess his love and try his best to be a good friend, lover, and husband to you.

Single women need to stop treating men that refuse to do right by them as Gods. They are not Gods! Women need to date more than one man and be open to emotionally invest in more than one man. Not just being sexually available but non-sexually, mentally, involved with a man of value. He might not be perfect, but if you find a guy that has good qualities (job, his own place/car, no baby momma drama, no financial burdens, no extreme family drama, no crazy Exes, etc.), he's physically appealing to you, both of you have similar goals/values, and he's willing to invest in you then stop messing with a scrub. Start dating men who want the same things you want out of life. 

So, whatever you do, don't be sorry because you're finally getting what you deserve.

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Before You Go:
Have you ever waited around for a man to marry you? Why? Do you think women going after what they want as being too masculine? Why?
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  1. I like this post. I agree with you totally. I never waited for any man to marry me. And no it isn't masculine for a woman to go after what she wants.

    Society has always had a double standard with women and men and the races. People need to grow up and let others do what they want to because it is their life to live.

    Whenever people criticize someone for being themselves and doing what they want-they only make themselves look stupid.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read this. It's really just my opinion about an issue I see a lot of women face. There's nothing wrong with going after what you want in life...a close mouth does not get fed. I believe people have the right to find love and be happy. No one should feel about about that.

  2. Great post, I hope I can get back out there after my divorce is final.

    1. Hey lady! I'm wishing the best with your divorce. I know for some if can be difficult and others it came be breathe of fresh air and a foot in the right direction. When all my friends - male or female come to me with fresh wounds I always tell them...take time to heal before moving forward. If you feel you are ready then get out there! Believe me, there is either a lesson to be learned, a skill acquired, or a love to be met when you get out there and put it all back into yourself. I really hope that you keep in touch and let me know if you were want to chat...I will be posting a email for my followers. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me. xoxo


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