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For as long as I can remember I have struggled with anxiety. It has kept me from doing well in school and also in my personal life. I've learned to stay away from anything that will cause me stress...including people and driving.

This is year I have set a lot of goals in motion but getting my driver's license was really important to me. WHY?One, I wanted to go back to working for the government and they require a Class C license to just apply for a position. Second, I want to spend more time with my family and friends. Third, I love cars and I realized my dream of owning a 1969 Camaro was never going to happen unless I got over my fears.

I had taken the written exam twice, two years previously, and I only taken it once this time to pass currently. I was on my way to being mobile. A friend mine had already went through the hard part of finding a driving school who had experience with students over the age of 18 and I got lucky when she passed that information along to me.

I paid $399 for Accredited Driving School with Erik Burks. He's the best instructor I have ever had in my life. He made me feel comfortable behind the wheel and I totally forgot I was driving.  They have locations all over southern California.

For $399 you get 2 hour lessons at least 3 times = 6 hours of driving time.
You can also pay Accredited Driving School with credit, debit, or money order. I paid with money order and they gave me a receipt.

I ended up failing my first behind the wheel test so Erik took me out again (additional 2 hours) before my second attempt to pass. Overall, I had 8 hours of driving and I passed my behind the wheel exam the second time.

I used Erik's car for both of my behind the wheel exams - price was included in the $399.
I only paid to take the written exam for the permit, which you need when you start taking the behind the wheel lessons with Erik, and I paid to retake the behind the wheel exam which was $6.

The written exam is $32 and the first attempt at behind the wheel is included. Additional attempts at behind the wheel are $6 cash.


So I paid, $399 for instruction, $32 for the written exam + 1st attempt at behind the wheel, $6 for the additional attempt at the behind the wheel test. Total = $437 (not including the 1.50 for the money order).

Overall, I'm glad to finally have my license and to have fairly gotten over my anxiety of driving. I'll to have keep practicing where I can find the time.

Thank you for everyone, including my parents, who were patient during this time.

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