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Confessions of a Youtube Public Figure

It was a typical day of research when I decided I might want to check out my favorite company and see if they were offering anything new. I scrolled down their Facebook page only to see my face splattered across the page. It was shocking because I was unaware that my photo was being used to promote their product.

DICLAIMER: This is NOT a blog post attacking JuJu Hair Company this is an informative blog post to discuss the affects big companies have on bloggers and vloggers in regards to their own digital image.

*Please take note: I'm a Youtube Partner, I have a Bachelor's Degree, and I'm currently working on my Masters. I invest a lot of time and money into my lifestyle, blog, and YouTube. I have gained the trust of thousands of people across the globe who believe in the products I promote and the lifestyle I present. I take my digital image very seriously. *

I was slow to anger but quick to find the source of the posted image. I went on to their instagram page to see the photo. I was hoping that the company at least credited my photo to my YouTube channel, a resource I have used to promote their product and pretty much made me one of their most recognized customer, yet there wasn't any credit given to me via their social media pages. I was hurt by the thought that a company would use my image, profit from it, and not even give me the common courtesy of crediting my brand. I took to my Facebook to vent to my friends and family and I was hit with a mixed response. Most who did respond were also fellow YouTube figures.

I did comment under the photo letting the company know that I would appreciate if they credited me as they do everyone else.


If you're asking me what really upset me: It was a recycled picture that I had allowed them to use in Janurary 2014. They also altered my photo by placing their logo right next to my face. One thing I do not like: companies recycling my photo more than once and altering my photos in any way without permission. Allowing them to use the photo once should of been enough.

The point is there was never a mutual exchange between the company and myself. I have worked with other companies which you can find in my "Editorial" tab. I have been mostly credited by these companies and I truly appreciate them taking the time to acknowledge my effort.

How to deal with Big Companies who recycle images, take images, or alter images for the marketing of their products?

1) Who ever takes the photo is the legal owner of that photo.
2) I don't work for exposure.
3) I don't mind working with a company as long as it is mutually beneficial.

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