LBC Foodie: Alondras Hot Wings


Is it me or is it hot in here? Those were the first words coming out of my mouth when I sat down at this restaurant or should I say Mom and Pops. There was a heavy line waiting to get in and the amount of staff seemed adequate. The atompshere felt like you walked into a brownstone in New York city and the heat also made you think of hot summer days in the city. Not hot wings.

Opening Hours
Sunday - Thursday: 11am-9pm    Friday-Saturday: 11am-10pm

I order the Grand Central Burger (pictured above).

My sister and her finace had purchased two groupon deals for Alondras' but were told they could only use one which would barely come one meal for two people. It sucks that you'd have to eat separately if you want to use two groupon deals. This place was pretty expensive too! I didn't order hot wings here even though that is what they are known for...I decided to go the road less travelled. Besides, I'm not big on wings and I was looking to get full.
The Brooklyn Burger
Inside of the Brooklyn Burger.
This place is pretty kid friendly, in case your kids don't like hot wings, my nieces love them so it wasn't an issue. But my best friend got a pizza.

  • Service: (☆☆)
  • Food: (★)
  • Atmosphere: (★★)
  • Decor: (☆☆)
  • Overall: (☆☆)

Before You Go:

Did you try them? Did you love them as much as I hyped them up? If you take a trip here, be sure to snap a photo and hashtag it #Androgyninista . I'd love to see how much fun you had!
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