Relationships: Does He Love You or Not?



Just as men feel they need to have a “women’s manual” to decode women and their feelings, women feel they need a “men’s manual” - a sort of reference guide to the signs that he is crazy over you … or not. Figured I should help a little...

  • Does he make pointless phone calls?

It’s a well known fact that men dislike chatting over the phone unless there is a definite reason to. So when he calls for no other reason than making awkward conversation, then he sure is smitten with you.

“Men really hate using the telephone”, explains some guy Alan. “But if we are in love, we’re willing to do almost anything to stay in contact with that particular woman.” This doesn’t include answering machines though. “If I fancy someone, why the **** would I be interested in speaking to their answering machine?”.

  • Does he debrief his pals?

Men always tell their friends about their sexual encounters. This means he is in lust. So naturally, when a dude tells his friends non-sexual stuff about you, then he must be seeing you in a different light – relationship-tinged light.

  • He loves your friends?

Not necessarily – but at least he pretends to like them. So why does he want to meet them that much? It’s all in attempt to win your attention. He wants to be part of the gang so he can be able to spend more time with you … even when you are with your friends.

  • Does he listen?

I mean really listen? Try having a conversation with a typical male. His eyes will always darting be away from your face, to the boobies, to the ceiling, to the cleavage, to the ceiling, to the curvy woman that walked by… But if a man looks into your eyes, dancing on your every boring word, then he is either mad about you or simply MAD!

  • Always on time?

“I’ll call you tomorrow” “I’ll be back soon”. These words mean as little to a man as “I am almost ready” means to a woman. But if he says he’ll call tomorrow and he actually calls, there is something there. And this goes for showing up for dates on time. Men like doing things last minute. And when going to meet someone I am actually interested in, I actually plan things out. But if he gets there 10 minutes to time, he is either too desperate or a bit of dork ;-)

  • Your interests become his too:

When a man tries to learn about Chinese antiques just because you are obsessed with them, then you got him good!

  • Does he talk after sex?

If he rolls over and plays dead, may be that is as far as your relationship goes. But if he seems to want to talk, it may be the beginning of something meaningful. “If I’ve just slept with someone I really like, I’ll feel pretty comfortable with them, and I wont want to leave them. But if that isn’t the case though, what exactly are you supposed to talk about? It would make things more awkward than necessary”, some guy explains.

His behavior at your place also matters comfortable but not too comfortable. If he immediately walks around dressed only in smelly socks (like he is alone at his place), he is treating you too casually to be truly in love.

  • Does he make dates?

If you are addicted to a TV series like Scandal, you always want to know when the next episode will be aired so does a man in love. If he really likes you, he will want to know exactly when he’ll be with you again. No wishy-washiness. He set up a day, time, place that works with YOUR schedule.

  • Does he say it?

If after seven dates, he hasn’t actually put how he feels about you into words (forget the flowers and chocolates), then he aint the man for you.

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THE TRUTH ABOUT MEN from April Masnini

When a man is ready to commit to you as a boyfriend—you will know it because he will simply start acting in that role. He will talk about your future together and he will make plans accordingly. He will not only call you daily, but he'll want to tell you the details of his day, and have a desire to hear about yours. A man that wants to be in a committed relationship acts like he wants to be in one.

On the other hand, a man who is not ready to be committed does NOT do all the above. I think, what you're really wondering is what you can do about it. Can you somehow get him to change his mind, or get him to want you more? I say-No. If your guy's not ready to commit, there's absolutely no point in pushing him. You can make the mistake of giving him an ultimatum (as many women do), make promises about how great you'll be to him, and even ultimately snag him, but I guarantee he'll only end up resenting you for it-cheating or leaving. Men are, by their very nature, the pursuers, the aggressors, the hunters. You would not expect a fish to jump out of the water and start walking on land, so don't expect a man to stop being a man.

If a man is in love with you he will want to be with you, he will want to spend time with you, and he definitely will not want to lose you to another man. Threats and will not work-neither does reversing the male and female roles, with you asking him to commit to you. I wholeheartedly believe a man must believe he has won the prize (egyou) in every sense of the word.

If you ask a man to commit to you, he doesn't have to win you- he has not won anything. You, in fact, have made him the prize! And you, more likely than not, will pay for it in the long run. It could be as simple as the insecurity you'll feel, always wondering if he really loves you or if he would really rather be with someone else. Or it could an even more painful scenario-he leaves you for another woman, perhaps not even one as attractive or successful as you, but one he picks out, one he pursues, and on hewins” on his own.

So, what can you do.
There's only one answer: Start dating other men! Move on and get going, girl..have some fun! If you and this guy aren't committed and he isn't giving you any promises of commitment then take care of yourself and get out and live your life. Sorry to say this but start dating because your current guy is not worth wasting your time on. You'll be doing it because you deserve a man who is willing to put it all on the line for you. Dating may have the side effect of making the guy you're currently “seeing” realize that he really does love you, and was taking you for granted, but that's not why you'll be doing it.

Date others because out there in the big world, there is someone who knows how great you are without your having to tell them. Someone who will want to see you every night of the week — and will never make you wonder whether they're waiting for Ms. Right, because they know you're it! Good luck and enjoy happy!

If a MAN wants you nothing can keep him away. If he DOESN'T nothing can make him stay!
~Love Sonja

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