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Cozy and summer aren't two typical words that go hand-in-hand and its definitely not something you'd consider when it comes to hopping into bed. Well, it's almost summer and I can't think of anything else than slipping into my silk robe and snuggling in bed with my favorite throw. If you're anything like me, a hard-working college girl who rarely sleeps during the Fall and Spring semester, then you understand why summer is my favorite time to stay in bed and get cozy while binging on Netflix episodes of shows I never had time to watch while going crazy in my graduate program.

Recently, I received a great idea to write about my lifestyle and the way that I keep cozy while transitioning from spring to summer. Living by the beach you would think that the weather is always perfect for cozying up next to your sweetie, your pet, or a box of pizza before you hit the Netflix stream. Yet, I have come to find out that living in a 100 year old building can make a small studio into an inferno during the summer months.

I sleep on a wood futon with a sofa bed mattress. As a single girl living in a 325 sq ft studio apartment, a few blocks from the beach, I decided get a futon which made "living cozy" a little hard. My futon is always shared with visitors who either sit on it as a coach or sleep in it as bed. It's become what I call a communal space. Yet, it was my choice to live in a beach city in California where the rent will kill you, but I must say I love my city so I decided to make it work. How did I did I do that? Well you're just going to have to keep reading...

My must have items for keeping cozy are, down comforts, and pillows. I have a secrete, I use my down comforter in the winter and switch it out for an alternative down in the summer, that way I can keep the look of down "goose" feathers without the added temperature. My down comforter is used to keep me warm in the winter and they typically run about ($250 +) for a good one. My alternative down ($75+) is for laying on top of when I get cold in summer from the beach breeze. Also, I kind of use it as futon cover, it gives my apartment a natural cozy feel and keeps the look beach chic. So, when the weather goes from cold to hot...which, I have been experiencing a lot of this May, then I sleep on top of the alternative down without bringing out my expensive down.

Pillows for my bed, are a big deal, because my futon mattress is not the softest in the world. I decided to go with cotton pillows but I prefer they all be down. I have one down pillow and one memory foam pillow to accompany my cotton ones. The life hack here is that in the winter it is perfectly ok to stick to cotton pillow covers but in the summer I switch out my cotton pillow covers to silk ones. Silk pillow covers make the transition so easy for me. Why? because silk pillow cases don't collect as much heat. I refuse to sweat out my natural hair for cotton in the summer months...all my natural girls understand.

Last but not least, you must have a throw and some candles. My whole apartment is covered in candles and throws. I have knit throw that I keep over my down and a bright blue throw that I grab when I'm ready to hit the beach.

If you're looking for a great down comforter or alternative down I would suggest checking out Ross, alternative down, or < that's where I got my down comforter.

In the near future...I will give a full apartment tour so you can see my entire Bali beach bungalow theme.

Before you go: 
{QUESTION} How do you transition your bedding from winter/spring to summer?
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