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2017, that's the year black women were given to actually be taken serious as potential dates for online dating. Being that most black women are not married until after they're 30 you would think we'd be met with more opportunities online but NO. As online dating grows it does it with the intent of limiting black women and their perspectives.

Mind you it's 2015. So for the next 2 years I should be heavily on my grind waiting for the year (2017). LOL. This fact was stated in the article by Madame Noir called Why Online Dating Doesn't Work for Black Women. I found the article to be very accurate and some what amusing. Due to the nature of my black skin I would be wrong to overlook the options given to Black Women of today's society and how we are limited. I have even come to realize a few key issues we have been experiencing from the day we were born. It's not just American Black Women but all Black Women.

As I get older, slowly approach the 30-year-old mark, I start to realize that I need to start taking my relationships more seriously. I mean, not just casually having a guy aorund, but cultivating something more meaningful with someone. Then, I realize the challenges I have been met with that come from years of a inferiority complex handed down to me by european society, and I continue to realized it that has been instilled in black women's membrane who live in a racially segregated societies all over the world.

So this is my social commentary on how Black Girls are rated in society today. 

1. Black women are ranked by all men based on a number of things but it is usually racially motivated.

Wendy Williams currently outlined this notion in this video which, was a response to the Straight Outta Compton movie casting call.

Original Casting Post:

A GIRLS: These are the hottest of the hottest. Models. MUST have real hair - no extensions, very classy looking, great bodies. You can be black, white, asian, hispanic, mid eastern, or mixed race too. Age 18-30. Please email a current color photo, your name, Union status, height/weight, age, city in which you live and phone number to: {their email} subject line should read: A GIRLS
B GIRLS: These are fine girls, long natural hair, really nice bodies. Small waists, nice hips. You should be light-skinned. Beyonce is a prototype here. Age 18-30. Please email a current color photo, your name, Union status, height/weight, age, city in which you live and phone number to: {their email} subject line should read: B GIRLS
C GIRLS: These are African American girls, medium to light skinned with a weave. Age 18-30. Please email a current color photo, your name, Union status, height/weight, age, city in which you live and phone number to: {their email} subject line should read: C GIRLS
D GIRLS: These are African American girls. Poor, not in good shape. Medium to dark skin tone. Character types. Age 18-30. Please email a current color photo, your name, Union status, height/weight, age, city in which you live and phone number to: {their email} subject line should read: D GIRLS"

This is how we are rated in everyday life. The casting post is offensive because it outlines the true nature of how Hollywood has stereotypes black women and how they place those microagressions into society. From these types of racial segregation we get Team Lightskin etc.

2. Black women and their bodies are materialized. 

Above, Skye Townsend beautifully articulated how "black physical features" of black women are praised only when they are on women of another ethnicity. Kylie Jenner's sister Kim Kardashian is not just famous for her sex tape but also for the fact that she has a big booty! This what was made her sexually appealing to the urban population of black men. Beyonce also fits in this category even though, she is black, she was hauled into stardom when she started to gain and control her "black features" while remaining a image of black submissive type casting CIRCA 2000s. Yet, Kylie who lied and said she did not get surgery finally admitted she did. Her beau, Tyga, praises her on his instagram the same Kanye praises Kim. We all know Kanye's recent commentary how Kim made him take 30 showers after being with Amber Rose, a mixed black women, who formerly dated him. Kanye was roasted for this comment because Kim herself does not have the best reputation with regard to her sexual conquest.

3. Melanin AND Intelligence

It is hardly that a black women is judged on her wits or mental capacity because most of the world is not interested in what she has to offer in the realm of intelligence. Let's be honest when a guy first meets a woman he doesn't say, "OMG, look at her sexy personality." Men are attracted to the physical looks of women first and then they decide if they want to pursue a mental relationship. ISSUE: Black women, are not getting past this physical issue because society has deemed them ugly, and men have come to know this as an unspoken rule. Some think, a black women, is good enough to fuck but not good enough to marry.

Many view a Black Woman as product of her environment, assumed ghetto, and the male hyper sexual atmosphere surrounding hip hop music. Hip Hop which is based on the sexual experiences of black men.YES, there are men who are unaffected or unbothered by what society thinks of them or who they date. Those men are looking for something outside of the mainstream definition of beauty. Black women are told to be open to those men but sometimes these men fetishize us.

I recently made a note of this, to bring it back to the Madame Noir article, that black women should date more than one guy at a time. I feel the issues is that, 1. black women are not getting asked out on dates and 2. Men who ask them out want something in return A. sex or B. exotic experience (sport).

Let's stop here and pick it back up next time, on the topic of ["Making request and not demands"] and Black women having standards.

Before you go:

What are your thoughts about how Black Women are rated? Have you ever rated a Black Women on these standards? Is there something I left out? Let me know in the comment box below. Remember to be respectful in your comments.

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This blog is NOT geared toward sexual orientation or gender classification. This blog is based solely on the blog authors experience and research. This blog is geared toward promoting a mixture of masculine and feminine attire and with an integrated genderless lifestyle.

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