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Deluxe All-Natural Alternatives is Black owned small business that supplies the natural hair community with with leave-in conditioners and sealants. The owner, Latisha Palmer, is trying to grow her small business by providing samples for my natural hair journey.

Since, I currently struggle with retaining length, due to all the heat products I use, I have decided to take a step back for the next few months limiting my heat usage and supplying my hair with the moisture it needs. I hope that D.A.N.A. products will provide me a natural solution to my hair struggles as I add it to my "My Natural Hair Journey and Recipe."

I will keep you ladies posted on how both the leave-in conditioner hair batter and the shea butter frosting sealant works with my hair and skin. I also gave a few samples to another one of my natural friends who is a 4C so we could compare results on this blog. I am a mixture of 3C/4A, fine hair, with course texture.

Company Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/D.A.N.Ahaircare

Before You Go:

Have you every tired a new product you'd like to share? Do you suffer from breakage due to the over use of heat products? What is your hair solution? Thanks in advance!

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