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This is about a 16 year old black girl who was dragged from her chair in a classroom because she was asked for her cellphone which she refused to give up. That is where all the NEW viral post about violence against administration in school is now coming from. Not from young white men shooting up schools with babies in them or young white men shooting up churches with God fearing black people. NO! This is viral backlash about a young black girl who was assaulted by a white police officer in Spring Valley South Carolina for refusing to give a teacher her cellphone.

(I'm tired but I will revise this story later on)...please be patient.


This is also about police brutality against people of African American and Latino descent. About how a young boy can be walking home and end up dead. How a little boy with a toy guy ends up dead. How a young man with his hands up and begging for his life heads up dead. This about how an educated black woman who knew her rights and questioned the arresting police officer ended up dead #sandrabland. This about a young girl who spoke up against a raging cop who showed up to residence's pool party and ended up with her face slammed into the ground and a knee in her back #Micknney is Jai Thomas. #sayhername

Three separate situations will be discussed here:

1) Steven Hildreth

2) Viral Post of the student who took his cellphone back from his 62 year teacher

And of course 3) Why #AssaultatSpringValleyHigh AND #McKinney are different from the viral post about other minorities violence in school against administration.

What prompted me to GO OFF!

Today is about a single incident where a black man was not killed. No, it is not. But somehow closeted racist White American is pulling this card and Steven Hildreth is here to help them.

"I'm a black man wearing a hoodie and strapped. According to certain social movements, I shouldn’t be alive right now because the police are allegedly out to kill minorities." - Hildreth stated on his facebook page. I Don't even want to link to it but here you go, READ FULL STORY

I was on facebook when I came across these post: From a facebook associate

This was my response: to Nick.

What are you trying to prove with your micro aggressions against the black community? Let me define it for you: Microaggression - "environmental indignities, whether intentional or unintentional, that communicate hostile, derogatory, or negative racial slights and insults toward people of color.” 1) isolated situation with a minority student. 2) A teacher who took a cellphone from a student in a school where they probably didn't have a law of confiscation policy signed off by the parents 3) Showing two black women in a fight with a black man to write it off as "Ghetto, Mothers approved" (which you liked!) So I guess it was prejudice approved and lastly 4) Saying that a black man who previously worked for the government - military/ARMY *who has been trained to act appropriately in authoritative situations of crisis ie while being pulled over for broken head light < why is it broken? token!* is well written because he's telling blacks to act appropriately "I was prepared" to Eurocentric standards. I should be dead...because I acknowledge this happens so I was prepared. But wait, FB Foe, if you had a QUESTION and not an assertion or opinion maybe someone who is educated in this field would have responded.
I just schooled you so please have your azz a seat.

Now, let's talk about Spring Valley High student:

As a foster child [who was removed from] her mother and grandmother I feel for her. I know exactly what she is going through as foster child. As a woman who was assaulted I feel for her because I know exactly what that feels like too. She might always think that her teacher set up her up to be assaulted. That a black man allowed a white male to come and grab her by her neck infront of her classmates and toss her across a room without ever questing if the office was wrong. She will remember how he just stood there as she was defiled. She will remember but I hope that she is able to forgive and find peace with knowing that the world has seen it with their own eyes and we should no longer sit in silence especially as blacks in America. We must #protectblackwomen because without them #blacklivesmatter wouldn't matter. We need black men to rally behind us the same way we stand up and protect them. Every black child is our child because they were born of our culture in our world. This father, in the video below, explains the concept very well...

The teacher should be ashamed of himself. What is the point of going to college and getting a degree in education if you fail to utilize your knowledge in child development? Failed to uses the countless hours of studying to only become a bystander? That is disgusting. He should have been fired along with the police officer who assaulted this girl for being a bystander and not doing anything to help. Black men need to rally behind black women of all ages and protect us even when we can not do it for ourselves. We have loved and birthed you into this world but you would have us taken out of it as long as you were seen as obedient by the euroccentric standards because you want to sit a table with snakes who will eat you alive given the chance.

Before You Go:

Will you stand up and #protectblackwomen ? Will you #sayhername ? What does it mean to you if you're not willing to do for her what you'd want done for you.

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