The Single Girls Guide to Thanksgiving Dinner


Tis the season to break out your pots and pans! Ok, it's the time for family, friends, and cheerful bringing in the new season. I love Fall. I think this is the best time of the year because I like being cozy in bed while warming myself up next to nice bottle of moscato ( Primo Amore) is my favorite. I also like layering my clothes but I'm not into the fall dark colors. I love black don't get me wrong but I'm not into those deep tones. I hate pumpkin spice too. I'm sorry but I don't like anything pumpkin so you wont see that on this list.

After going off to college I realized that getting home for the holidays was extremely hard. I either had midterms right before Thanksgiving or right after. It became I risk I just could not take. My family tends to not celebrate holidays but Thanksgiving is always one we try to gather everyone up to reflect or just catch up. I have missed out a lot times. I felt really bad and therefore I started to realize I need to change my mind about what it meant to gather with the ones you love.

1. If you really hate being alone, try to see if your friends will also be home alone, suggest getting together for food and laughs. You have to remember you're probably not the only one.

PS, yes your other friends might to go their family's homes and if they invite you to join them...just go! Better off with friends then alone.

2. Now, if you enjoy being alone then cook yourself a nice dinner. Learning how to cook Thanksgiving dinner plate by plate is going to help you later on when you have to do it for a group of family members.

Start off by cooking the main dishes of any Thanksgiving dinner A) Turkey B) Stuffing C) Side Dish and D) oh yes, D is for dessert.

3. You don't want to get whole turkey so go to the freezer aisle and get a turkey breast you can fit into a crockpot or baking pan. The turkey breast will cook a lot faster than a whole turkey (1 hour 40 mins). By the way, who would eat that whole turkey if you cooked it anyway? Well if you do, a good left over is turkey soup. Or you can get a chicken breast or Cornish hen.

4) Stuffing can be bought in the box (I'm using Betty Crocker's Homestyle Stuffing). My aunt use to make hers homemade but know she uses Uncle Ben's stuffing mix. I don't think you can get it in stores anymore but there are other alternative brands. Now you're going to want to spruce it up...(use the liquid from the turkey or chicken to replace the water needed on the recipe).

5) Side Dishes that are easy to make would be green bean casserole, mash potatoes (I'm making garlic mash potatoes by Idahoan > here's how to make them taste better), gratin potatoes, roasted potatoes and carrots, rolls (I like Sister Schubert's Parker House Style yeast rolls < Walmart groceries). My quick and easy homemade mac n cheese.

6) Dessert, if you haven't tried my recipe for Super Moist Vanilla Bean Cupcakes or Easy Icebox Cheesecake then I would suggest these two because they are really easy recipes and can be shared.

Now cook the day before Thanksgiving. Don't cook anything on the day of because you will tire yourself out. I have work the day before so I will have to start cooking that night. That's fine with me because I'll be using a crock pot and oven.

Pick out at least 5 of your favorite movies and maybe a few new ones on Nexflix, Hulu, or Vudu.

Have a call or text list and once you're done cooking....start calling family and friends a let them know you were thinking of them. When they ask what you're doing tell them you're eating the dinner you made and watching a movie or catching up on some school work, etc.

Before you know the day will be over and then you can do it all again for Christmas LOL.

I hope you found this list helpful.

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