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Having sex with or without protection can lead to pregnancy. The purpose of sex is to bear children...LET ME SAY THIS AGAIN...the PURPOSE of sex is to bear children. NOT for a fun, not for a temporary high, not be get close to someone you claim to love, NO! It's to procreate. Taking a plan b can be very convenient for some but the reality behind being asked to take the pill can be a hard pill to swallow.


Are you finding physical liberation in the pill: 
But, can't decide who should pay? (STORY TIME) $50

Men, if you insist on not using a condom and then, ask her to take plan b then, you should pay for ALL of it.

Here's two options:
1) Take her to the store, get out of the car, and buy the plan b and a bottle of water. It's ok to add her favorite snacks in there too.

Trust that she will take it on your drive home.

2) If you trust her then, give her the money and tell her to let you know she took it.

                Ladies: if he doesn't trust you in situation 2) go ahead and send him a pic. of the receipt.

Guys, don't be a jerk and tell her, "Hey you need to take plan b and that you're not going to pay for even half of the expense because (insert excuse here)." That's being rude and irresponsible.

This whole thing called: women buy birth control pills and men buy condoms - is out the door.
Everyone should buy birth control. 
Women want the men they sleep with to be involved if they insist on us taking plan b. We want the men we sleep with to be responsible for the outcomes since we both participated in the act.


Women, are you taking the pill to offer him "peace of mind"?

You are not here to give him sexual freedom over you. Your body is a temple that should be respected. You should respect your own body by not giving it to someone who only acknowledges are part of you and not all of you.

It shouldn't be expected of you to take a plan b...it's your choice to take one or not to take one. The affects will be on YOUR BODY and not his.

CAUTION: Taking plan b more than once in a 6 month span can physically harm a woman's body. It change the entire cycle for a woman. Some side effects I have heard from other women: extreme cramps, heavy bleeding, spotting, discharge, weight gain, stomach pains, headahces, etc. 

Now, realize that if that man does not want to have child with you, he's stated that even though he's insisting on unprotected sex, then you're going to have to go at this without him. It's a choice you have to make.

It is both sexual partner's responsibility to know the "what if" scenarios before the sex. Even casual sex...yes, it's not so casual.

If you're having casual sex with someone you are emotional attached too the questions behind taking the plan b can get risky. Women are emotional. Men are rational < in these situations. This is why I don't suggest sleeping with someone causally, that you want to be in a relationship with, because that type of situation can lead to drama.

You can limit drama by know before you have sex, where you stand and what you want out of the situation.

I personally believe in, Equal play = Equal pay.

Go online and get the coupon if $50 is too much. Here's a little help to bring the cost to 
$20 per person.

Plan Smart

1) Buy the pill. Take the pill.
2) Have a conversation with your sexual partner or boyfriend about mutual responsibility.
3) Make a firm decision to never again give into a partner's pressure for unprotected sex or your own sexual tendency to lag on using protection.
4) Meditate/relax a bit and let the whole thing go (don't forget it, just learn from it and leave it behind you).


Pressure and coercion do not belong in consensual, healthy relationships. If this is happening to you, men or women, please stop having sex with this person and see a counselor.

Of course we, as sexual beings, need to learn how to protect our own boundaries, but it's a two-way street -- our partners should also learn how to respect our boundaries.

Also plan b does not guarantee there will not be a pregnancy. 

It is only one method of birth control and only used for EMERGENCY situations. So stop calling the ambulance every time you decided you want to set fire to something in your back yard. Be responsible or be a parent.
Catharine MacKinnon, an influential feminist scholar, summarized the situation best when she wrote: "[Abortion] does not liberate women; it frees male sexual aggression.”

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This blog is NOT geared toward sexual orientation or gender classification. This blog is based solely on the blog authors experience and research. This blog is geared toward promoting a mixture of masculine and feminine attire and with an integrated genderless lifestyle.

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