Atlanta #TEACHERBAE Paris Monroe AKA Patrice Brown

by - Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The sexualization of black women in the work place is especially dangerous.

There isn't anything wrong with what Patrice has's about her presentation and why taking selfies at work is unprofessional. She's at work, she's not a club promoter, etc. For me, it's just unnecessary. This is how black women get labeled as unprofessional.

For example, people scream about how black women come dressed to Walmart? Policing her body and stating that even a retail store is not the place to come dressed liked you're getting ready for bed. We even bash black mothers for showing up to 'Parent Teacher Conferences" dressed like they just got out of bed or even worst left the strip club.

This situation is not different. It invites the male gaze and the opportunity to be sexualized.

As a young working professional, administrative assistant (secretary), if I dressed like this at my work place which is also primarily females, my boss would have a talk with me about my attire. I am fully aware of the type of material I am wearing. Thin versus thick material. Now, given that there is no dress code at my job, I like my job enough not to push boundaries. My job does have a public presentation stance that says, "If I am found to present the university or foundation in a bad light I could be let go." I'm aware of this clause in my contract.

Therefore, yes I have worn my high waist "fashion nova" jeans only to be look at with surprise from my boss. It was causal Friday and I have on a long sleeve blouse. I was covered from head to toe and still my boss (a woman)  noticed my body shape before she noticed my smile and willingness to assist her. We live in a hyper sexual world and this is what people see. We can't change that. It did not bother me enough to want to change my attire but I was aware that maybe I should leave those jeans for the weekend. I'm a curvy sista so I've learned where I can get business clothes that adhere to my body type. I pay a little more but it's worth it because people focus on my work ethic and not my body ethic.

It's unprofessional but even I take selfies at work and you can't even tell I'm at work. The only way people know is if they read the hashtag. But for the most part, even though I spend 8 hours at work, I try not to do it in my office if my bosses are not there. I definitely don't take sexually suggestive ones there.

 My bosses are aware that I'm a blogger and I know my limits. I'm not selling sex or the fact that I'm single at my work place or online.

I understand that teachers put a lot of work into their classroom...did you see the women's post of her Harry Potter theme classroom on Facebook? It was amazing, by the way, she was not in any of the photos. Showing off your classroom is fine but clearly that is not why Patrice is doing it. Her motives are a little distorted. I have nothing against what she has on.

Some people will say, people are hating. She can wear what she wants. True she can. If her job says it's ok then it's ok. But, I would not suggest it to everyone out there. On a casual day I dress similar and I have a similar body type. I don't wear stilettos because I have things to do. I wear a more professional heel less than 2 inches called a "block heel." Either way as a single woman I can tell when another single woman is putting on a show to snag a man...her IG is full of it. She even stated that she's looking for a husband...she's advertising herself that way. This isn't opinion this is what she said and did.

Now, Patrice is an accomplished young women with 3 degrees. She a graduate from ASU. It's apparent she is a wonderful PARAPROFESSIONAL "sub" teacher. God bless her for deciding that being a teacher was her calling in life.

This is not change the fact that people will assume and feel a certain way.
My aunt said, "if you don't give anyone anything to talk about then you wont have any problems."
But. let's just be honest and say she's advertising herself/body with the hopes of finding a husband or to get attention (IG is for attention - now what kind is based on the person who post pictures). In a field that has only has 24% males and 76% are females I guess that wouldn't help her case. Most people find love interest at work or through friends. Think about it, if you're a teacher most of your friends are teachers and you're all around kids all day. One has to make the time to date but in this new day and age all someone has to do hit up your DMs.

Good luck Patrice, I hope you find what you're looking for girl.


--On dress code

This article is my opinion not fact.

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