#Misogynoir | #TiarahPoyau and Black Male Fragility


Stop saying you love us and we're magic when we're not surviving the mental and physical bullets that are hulled at us on a day to day basis.

We're tired of being target practice for men who don't care about us!

Tiarah was at a black event that was for the promotion of culture, love, and having a great time. She was with her friends when she was approached by a black male assuming that it was OK to force his body upon hers and start grinding on her. SHE SAID NO! and he felt it was his right to shoot her in the face, killing her.

This is the story someone had to tell to this woman's family. To her mother, to her father, to her friends, etc. This is the story of who #misoynoir showed it's ass to the world. Sexual violence against black women happens everyday. I see on the metro train, in the grocery store, on my walk home from school, at work, online in the my inbox, at church, and everywhere else you can think of. There is no SAFE SPACE for black women to be magical and I have long forgotten what it felt like not to objectified by the world in which we live in.

Black men: You have got to stand up against violence against your people "male or female." When the community needs you have to show up...you can't be complicit anymore with the things being said or done to our community. We are losing all respect for you because when you need us we're there. We show up and show out for the black man left bleed out on the street. Who shot you? We didn't. We didn't put you in a place to me degraded and defiled. We don't promote anyone above you but God and you kill us like we're ants.

Because the black women that love you and support you and are out here - have BEEN out here - fighting and protesting for your very right to breathe air and live freely are dying at YOUR hands.
Do something.

Tiarah Poyau was 22 years old!
She had just finished her BA in Accounting and was about to continue her schooling to obtain a Masters of Science at St. John's.

Does this threaten you?


{Please show your support by using the hashtag #PROTECTBLACKWOMEN }

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