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There you were trying out Tinder, OK Cupid, Plenty of Fish, Bumble, Grindr, Ashley Madison, etc. Just as you were browsing the latest cuties you come across someone you know? To your surprise it's a close friend, a co-worker, a boss, or an acquaintance. Now your head is spinning and you don't know what to do? Let me help a sista/brotha out. 

What to you do when you see someone you know on a dating site? 

* Put yourself in their shoes, online dating is still a stigma and people consider it for losers who can't find anyone in person. So, *LADIES* don't go around telling everyone you saw them online. This happens a lot with Tinder or Bumble. Just swipe LEFT and move on.

* GUYS* if you see this person on a regular basis and they have never suggested interest in not, I mean do not try to chat with them about their dating profile in person. HE/SHE is not interested in you please move on.

* Don't utilize the info you read in their profile against them. No! For Ex. Do not screen shoot their profile or photos. Do not pass their profile along to a friend who fantasizes about them.

* Do utilize the info in their profile to help you connect in a genuine way. Say, if you like something they do, then maybe the next time you talk, you could mention it to start a conversation.

* Don't make that person uncomfortable in any way.

If you haven't seen a person in a while and you want to reconnect. Send them a friendly message if you are ok with them viewing your profile. Let them know, I'm contacting you as a FRIEND, don't mention their profile at all. Suggest your FB or IG.

* Most women/men don't want to be outed in their dating pursuit. It's hard enough as a black women/minority to get on there and deal with the creepy people or bots.

- what if they have a girlfriend/boyfriend? I know. 

* it's not your responsibility to out someone. Unless, it's your best friend or sibling's spouse. Then have receipts and make sure your facts are in order. Also, check your self because if you've been grouchy or bitter over your friend or sibling's relationship then you will sound non-credible. Don't discredit yourself by being a bitter friend or sibling.

Last but not least,

Treat others the way you want to be treated.

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This blog is NOT geared toward sexual orientation or gender classification. This blog is based solely on the blog authors experience and research. This blog is geared toward promoting a mixture of masculine and feminine attire and with an integrated genderless lifestyle.

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