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It was a Friday afternoon when I decided to rush home and put on a change of clothes. I haven't been out on a date in a little while so I decided I'd just take myself instead of dealing with a no show, wish he didn't show, or just someone expecting a night cap.

I wanted to go just go out by myself, shop a little, and eat a little food. I found myself looking for a white Elephant gift for my job's upcoming holiday party. The best thing right now is that stores are having Pre-Black Friday sales. I need to pick up some stocking stuffers as well.

While riding the train, closest to shoreline village, a black guy walks up to me on decides to insist on asking me three hundred questions before getting to the point...he wants my number. I say no, he ask if we can me friends, I say no...he persist to keep the conversation going with himself. A woman on the train walks up to us and tells him, "Hey, she said no so keep it moving." Everyone on the train just looks at the guy like he's crazy as he starts saying all kind of curse words. I charge back and let him know to leave us alone and go some where else. The woman, same age as me, ask if I'm getting off at the next stop, that's where she's getting off, I told here, "no" I'm on way to shoreline to take myself out for dinner. She suggest that she'll wait with me and until I get off, missing her stop, and that she's ok with that because it's a short walk home. The woman I exchange casual conversation until my stop is up and then we go out separate ways.

Shout out to the woman on the train! I hope I see you again one day. I owe you lunch.

After cruising the promenade I decided to grab dinner at CPK (California Pizza Kitchen). I pull to the bar where three men and a couple are seated. The bar tender knows me, we exchange the usual flirts and of course I get, "The usual." There's a cute black guy scarfing down his pizza next me...his body language changes as we cross eyes. The men eventually ask me why I'm out alone looking all dressed up and I explain that I'm just a single girl taking herself out on a date. Of course the black guy says, "What's wrong with you? Excuse me. you're too beautiful to be single." I reply, No one is too beautiful to make a choice and that's what being single is a choice that I make everyday and I'm enjoying it. The guys seem to enjoy my confidence so much they offer to buy me dinner. It becomes a battle so much that either way at the end of the night I got a free dinner and I didn't even have a date. I enjoyed the conversation and shared a few laughs before calling a Lyft (get a free ride) to take me home. It was good night and I think I'll do it again soon.

Day two of my purchasing escapades I end up at a local mall. After heading to a 50% off I sale I feel great! I mean I bought a bunch of stuff and only spent $30! I told myself, I was done shopping until after the holidays...I told myself lol. I didn't even get Atticus (my cat) her things for Christmas. I've decided not to decorate this's been so hard on my budget with the new job, school loans, etc. I just don't have it in me financially but next year I'll be more prepared because of the "after Christmas sales." I buy decorations after the holiday have ended because it's like 50-70% off!

Any who, I decided to stumble into World Market < I walked in and was like....They got beans, greens, potatoes, tomatoes, chicken, turkey, rabbit #UNAMEIT! LOL. I was really like, DAMN where has this store been all my life. The first thing that got me going was the fact they had Vanilla Bean. I use this in my homemade Super Moist Vanilla Bean Cupcakes < check out the recipe. I needed this for the upcoming holiday party. I mean I nearly feel out because I wasn't going to have to go to Whole Foods which would of cost me a damn arm. So yeah, if you haven't been to World Market make sure you stop in there because they have good prices for home-ware and food times.

Afterward I went to my favorite food place, Cafe Rio!. I only go there once a year because they don't have one by my house and it's a little expensive. I walk in and see a Disneyland line...if you've ever been to Disneyland then you get it, I was starving after 5 hours of shopping so I decide to wait it out. An older black lady by the name of  LaWanda stood behind me line. Note: One thing I hate to see is an older person waiting in line or standing next to a bench full of young people. I hate it because if I ever see someone be that rude to my aunts or my uncle I will literally cuss them out. Get your ass up or get of the way and let this person go first. Any way, I couldn't find everyone in line so I decide to smooth her by initiating a conversation. We talk about our days and the people we love. We talk about shopping and the holidays approaching. Finally, we get our food and I offer her to sit with me since I didn't want to wait to eat until I got home (1 hour bus ride). She decided I should eat now as well because she didn't want me to starve on the bus back to my house. We sat at a table and shared even more stories and laughs. As I sat there, with a woman I didn't even know, I realized I'd striked another thing off my list. I had finally had dinner with a stranger. It didn't feel stranger or anything. I felt like something I would do any given day but today was different...I was warm and open to it...what ever God had for me I was ok with that.

Some would call me naive because I love people so much that I can just about engage in a conversation with anyone. I love being around people and hearing their stories about their lives. The wisdom is there for me like an uncreased book waiting to be opened and poured into. You will never know the things you don't know until you step outside your box and sometimes that means stepping inside someone else's box. God has given me comfort in my most fragile times and today it rained and I knew that everything I had lost could be restored if only I asked for it. I'm highly favored and continue to keep the faith that God is with me therefore nothing can be against me.

I hope you have days filled with surprises.

PS. Thank you to the woman on the train. Thank you to the woman who shared dinner with me. Thank you to the woman I use to be...thanks for setting me free.

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  1. Sometimes when you meet people, the vibe is so good, it's like you've known them your entire life. Sometime stumbling upon strangers opens a whole new world. Love the post. Love the new look. Your blog is beautiful.



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