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Sorry honey but he's not a fuckboy, he's just not interested in dating. Now, you can take it personal and waste time pondering a guy who doesn't care either way or you can accept that he's not interested and move on to someone who is. What sparked this discussion you ask, well...

I recently read a post by Horacio Jones that stated:

Gotta stop crucifying men for not wanting relationships. Not every guy who reject official dating is a fuckboy. Most pages will say that they are, but they only post for likes. If he doesn't want a relationship, and you do... It's usually best to walk away before "proving your worth." Before feelings get involved. Before sex gets involved. Before it's hard to get out. Before you feel stuck. Let him be free peacefully. He doesn't want what you want. He doesn't want to look like a bad guy just because he doesn't want a relationship with you. He wants fun while he figures out his life. He doesn't want to commit to anything but his own business and work. That's most important to him, not maintaining a relationship with you unless its involving sex and chill time. -
When you stick around and try to change his mind, he will assume that you understand that staying AFTER he told you that he doesn't want what you want, it means that you are ok with it. That you must not want anything serious either because if you did, you would have walked away months ago... He was honest. And maybe you thought you could handle being casual, so you didn't want anything serious apparently. - Horacio Jones

Horacio is right. We have stop crucifying men for not wanting relationships. We, as women who are ready for a long-term committed relationship, need to stop being women who are down for anything. Stop being whores who let men use our bodies or naive and let men play with our minds. STOP.

The things is, men will do what you allow them to do. Men would value relationships and the benefits of being partnered more if we stopped allowing them to play with our minds and bodies.

Men back in the day knew they couldn't get the benefits without making that women their wife. There's nothing wrong with being the "wife" type. You just can't date or chase men who are not ready for a relationship. You can't talk to someone who has "shown" or "told" you that they are not ready for relationship.

How do you get over it| Your ego, I mean

Think about how you look to the other person;
For example. This is how you look, to a guy you're super interested in, but he's not interested in you:

  • Brandy song, "Sittin' up in my room." Sitting there, in a bedroom, thinking about a dude who doesn't think of you enough to call. You're just a mess with a plan for a man who doesn't want you.

The wrong guys think that if a woman likes them, they are sitting in a mental box, waiting for him. WRONG. Be the woman who takes the next step...

  • Cut off all contact with the guy/person who doesn't want to be in a relationship with you. 

Don't go where he goes, don't talk to his friends or family, delete his number and pictures out of your phone, Don't don't don't have any contact with him. It will drag you back into your emotions and have you thinking of signs that do not exist. Move on. Try the 30-Day No Contact method and then press restart.

  • You keep your options open and you date men who are available and ready to a long term relationship. 

You're asking, how do I know if he's relationship material/interested in dating me 1) Make Request and not Demands 2) What is a Real Man (CLICK HERE) Is He interested in You (CLICK HERE).

  • Get a hobby or two. Sit back and get to know yourself and what you like to do. Try something new by yourself. The more you know about yourself, the more you will know what you want in a man, and that's just good karma.


  • Tell people you're single and that you want to start dating! 

Preferably tell people who are already in great relationships or people older than you. Do not tell people your age who are single because one of three things happen, they want to find someone for you that isn't right, they want you to stay single, or they want to be like them.

This reminds me of Monica's song, "One of them Days." If a guy isn't feeling you...
He's having one of them moments in life and you can't take it personal.

If you're always your first choice then you don't have to worry about being someone's last. The right man will make you his only choice, by allowing his actions to match his words. - #Androgynine

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