Insecure | Season Finale...Fix the Itch


Wait a freaking minute, she did what? For how long?

Lawrence I'm not here for you. I'm not here for you brotha. Issa you not better off but I get it girl.

Lawrence has been  a couch potato for 4 years after getting fired from his engineering job. He collects unemployment at a bank where a pretty young thing name Tasha works. Lawrence is in a long term relationship with Issa, a college graduate, who works with a non profit in L.A. and is the main breadwinner for the past four years. Issa and Lawrence have been having a few issues with their black love and Issa found herself fantasizing about her ex high school boyfriend who she then has sex with. Once, Lawrence finds out he has revenge sex with Tasha from the bank.

Dear Black Women, Stop holding on to a man just to say you have a man.

Let him get himself together by himself, if he needed you then he will reach out. If he wants to make it work with a woman like you then he will find his way back. Supporting a man for four years, feeding, cleaning up, cooking, paying the bills,paying your personal bills *school loans*, AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT.

There's a point where black women stop thinking they need to nurture another person, baby, baby daddy, boyfriend. best-friend, etc. I'm going to need black women to scratch their itch and move on. That itch could be sex, school, new job, spiritual advancement, exercising, creating a business, traveling, etc. I'm going to need black women to stop taking care of everyone but themselves. I'm going to need black women to stop being so damn desperate that they accept being partially loved.

If Lawrence really loved her would have married Issa when his job was going well. You can't be giving husband benefits to boyfriends.

I understand Lawrence graduated from Georgetown University, pretty prestigious, I know because I went to visitation school there. So the fact that he couldn't connect with any of his alumni in California surprises me because I'm still in contact with many of the people I went to school with and I still have connections there. I'm wondering if he was really trying during those four years he was working on his app. Why he never go to Semi-Valley? You live in L.A. it's but a hop and skip away. Hell it's a $45 flight on Spirit...You have a 50/50 chance of making it home but at least you got a ticket.I don't understand how an engineer major from Georgetown can't find a job within four years?! I got a BA in History and MA in Humanities and I had a job within 5 months. No head hunter needed. Now it's not within my job field but it keeps food on the table and a roof over my head. It also gives me the skills I need for my long term career. There's more to this story and I need to see it in Season 2.

Issa, you didn't have to cheat on Lawrence. We have a machine or two that can FIX the ITCH. She could of broken up with him. If she wanted to take a break she could of created a plan to work things out in a few months. Again, this reminds me of Hill Harper's book, "The Conversation" and how he discusses that black relationships are failing to communicate the good and the bad. I was in a long term relationship with a man who was figuring himself out and I must say that the sex was not there. It was great at first but when things started getting bad for him professionally the sex went bad too. I ended up leaving the relationship. I did communicate with him that I was not happy about the lack of sex we ere having but nothing really change. Issa should of sat him down like the adults they are and told him what her issues were with their sex life and household finances. Lawrence should not have drop the ball on his sex life because his career was not working out. He neglected his girlfriend and that is what made Issa cheat. Not because she was in love with her high school boyfriend.

Men will sit back and root on Lawrence and for what? So he can go out and be the fuckboy he never was because if he was that good in bed he would of been doing it for Issa. She would of came home to some good loving and I'm sure that would of helped. Nope, instead he's going to be a HOEbo and go jump into to Tasha's bed and she will soon find out that he's not the "good guy" she thought he was. PS, I don't believe in Good Guys Vs. Bad Guys and you read more about why not in my article. Anyway, Lawrence is the prime example of why I don't believe in this bullshit because guys are men and they have potential to do good and bad things. It's really all about personal growth and where you meet a person at in their lives but especially men. See women will get ready for a man of her choosing but a man will only get ready for himself. This why I don't date potential...I prefer the finish product.

Look out for black men or men applauding Lawrence because those are the exact guys you don't want to date. Those are the "Good guys" pretending to be something they're not. Waiting for an excuse to change their character and switch it up on themselves. Their broken and you can't fix it. No one is perfect so check your friends. If you're a brother then check your brother. If you're a home girl then check your girl. If all else fails then, let God do his job!

Black love is not always a cute photo. Sometimes you have draw outside the lines to make the whole picture come together.

Until next season, I'm out!

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