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 If you're unlucky like I am, you find yourself at the local laundromat every two weeks, sitting and wondering what they heck you will see next. If you're never been to the laundromat but one day your laundry machine stops working...here's what you will find:

1. The family with the bad ass kids who make the whole place their personal playground.

2. The family with 15 trash bags full of clothes. Like, you can't just buy a hamper if you have to lug that around.

3. The dirty ass floors that never get cleaned b/c the amount of people who use it.

4. The over priced small bottles of detergent in case you forgot your mind along with your laundry basket.

5. The machine that never works but you're new so you put your clothes in and they come out stinky, soaked water, lint the size of cotton from the jin, or burn to a crisp.

6. The Asian owners who've been running it for 20+ years and still can't speak English (to you).

7. The old man, who you swear is a pervert, that comes in at the same time you do since the day he said, "hey little lady."

8. The guy you know is there to steal undies when you aren't looking.

9. The homeless person, the one that stinks like a farmer, who's looking for lose change, and maybe a chance to steal a machine with a few minutes on it. You respect their effort to wash their clothes but wish there was a free shower close by.

10. The mentally ill person who follows you around because they just want to talk to someone. You understand the need not to feel alone in the world so you say a few selective words.

11. The college student who just wants to wash their clothes of all the crazy things they did over the weekend.

12. The corporate couple visiting family/friend from out of town and needs help with everything because they weren't prepared for this. Maid/nanny is the usually in toe but couldn't come because she was ill (or she wanted the damn three days off) so now the couple and their kids are struggling with where the softener goes.

13. The couple who comes together but ends up arguing about something meaningless. They get super loud and cause a scene before one leaves to go sit in the car.

14. The woman selling tamales.

15. The man selling socks or DVDs. The one selling his mixtape.

16. The person who has never been in a laundromat ever in their lives and doesn't know how to wash clothes.

That pretty much sums up what your experience might be like when visiting your local laundromat. Last word of advice, don't leave your laundry unattended...you might not have all your items when you get back.

Good luck!

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