Flotus and Potus Obama Love


 Recently a guy on a facbeook group was telling black women something I have heard a lot of these days, "You need to settle for the uncute, corny dude, that chubby." I can't be the only black women who's heard an average black man say this out loud. They are usually same ones that say, "black men don't date black women because they are too loud and aggressive."

The only thing I ever hear out of these men's mouths is that they don't know how to lead a black women therefore, they will blame her until she breaks under his pressure.

This is what he wrote:

Relationships: How many women want that Flotus and Potus relationship. Want a partner to adore you?
How many women have ignored and friendzoned that corny dude, the lame, the uncute, the chubby.
How many times did you take risk dating on the WRONG side of risk. Not the “he is corny and a good human but I will give him a chance” risk ; but the “He cute and is not motivated/ not goal orientated” side of risk. Choose what side of risk you will be on in 2017……for all things.

This what my response:

No one has to date that: corny dude, the lame, the uncute, the chubby. < He's getting friendzoned but he's mad. Hum, there are plenty of advice books to help with that. Plenty of classes to help with that. Women put a TON of effort into finding and being the right a partner. Yet, men think that all they have to do is be A MAN and they deserve love. NO. It doesn't work like that.

Plenty of male animals put in work to find spouse therefore, humans are no different. Develop yourself entirely....prepare to be a husband. If you focus on the girls that friendzoned you then you'll forever be zoned. Black men please zone out and tune in to yourself. Men who complain about this make black women sick. They have a belief that they deserve something for being A GOOD GUY. No, sorry you don't.

We wish men would start complaining about the men who BITCHZONE or BABAY MOMMA ZONE black women. Friendzoning a guy is better than having him BABY MOMMA you. Better than being in a sexless and love less relationships. We're not lying. We're saying NO NOT YOU, NEXT.

Personally, I follow men I believe can lead me and who I'm attracted too. Not corny dude, lame, uncute, and chubby. That's not for me and I'm not going to hold that man up from finding some who is for him.

I'm not telling men what they need to do but I am saying is, from a woman to man, this is what THIS woman wants out of a man. No one has to do anything. Yet, if you (the writer) has expectations then know black women will hauled it back at you.

Black men should to be helping black men become better before they decide attack the double minority. Black women have it hard, we as women have these conversations with each other all the time, but we don't hear black men having these conversations with each other. No one is telling the lame, uncute, chubby guy to pick the chubby girl. No, they are saying get the best of the best and if you can't get her then get somewhere in the middle.

Black women don't see change with regard to black men committing to the black family unit.
We see more request placed on us from our own men who refuse to grow and take responsibility for their shortcomings emotionally and physically. That does not fall on our backs as black women. Black women are no longer taking accountability for black men's short comings.

Instead, we are asking that all black men, BE ACCOUNTABLE for each other as black men because black women are doing that for each other....we're out here trying to grow and win. Win with us.

We don't all need that Potus and Flotus Obama Love but we do need to be loved by a man that respects what we bring to the table.

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This blog is NOT geared toward sexual orientation or gender classification. This blog is based solely on the blog authors experience and research. This blog is geared toward promoting a mixture of masculine and feminine attire and with an integrated genderless lifestyle.

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