10 Things Single Black Girls Shouldn't Do


10 Things Single Black Girls Shouldn't Do:

1. Stay inside the house hoping that Mr. Right will find you. Don't be afraid to go out by yourself.

2. Be afraid to date outside your type/ethnicity. There's an amazing guy out there and he might not come in the package you were hoping for.

3. Go to church looking for a husband. I'm sorry but just because he says he's a God fearing man doesn't mean he's the one for you. Don't go to college looking for a husband either because NUMBERS AND LETTERS don't always mix with morals and values.

4. Put all your eggs in one basket for a man that is not interested in being in a long term relationship.

5. Put a man before your kids. Hell, put a man before GOD! (if religious).

6. Don't eat fast food all the time, learn how to cook at least three days out of the week, and work out at least three days a week.

7. Become a born again virgin, girl if you need sex, have it with yourself or find something casual.

8. Plan your whole wedding without actually having ever been engaged to man that wanted to marry you.

9. Walk out the house looking like you've been divorced twice and had six babies by different men. WORN OUT. Stop, the world needs your beauty.

10. Pick up the phone when you Ex calls you in the middle of the night to say he's sorry. Trust me, he's not, he's looking to see if he can hit it and quit again.

BONUS: Tell your girls ALL your business. Keep somethings to yourself. This is NOT Sex and the City. People are not that loyal.

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This blog is NOT geared toward sexual orientation or gender classification. This blog is based solely on the blog authors experience and research. This blog is geared toward promoting a mixture of masculine and feminine attire and with an integrated genderless lifestyle.

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