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I've seen so many "Relationships Experts" that are fucking single as shit. Or their morals are just not in the right order. What relationship are you an expert in? The one with a box of condoms? The ones in the barber shop? The ones with your girl friends at brunch? Or maybe the one with your vibrator? Someone please tell me where you were certified to be a "Relationship Expert."

The issue I have with black women who are so desperate to hear a black man speak that they start hanging off every word of these so-called experts but refused to go see a psychologist with 20 + years of experience. Who refuse to seek a church home that has interpreted the bible to applied to today's circumstances

I don't seek relationship advice from anyone who is not in my lane (scholarly) or doesn't have a relationship I'm trying to cultivate. My parents are relationship experts, who been married for 50 years, and raised over 5 children in their home (many who were not theirs).

I do NOT consider myself a relationship expert. I don't consider myself an expert at all.. I'm a single black women living a lifestyle that is out of the norm and I have learned some lessons I would like to share with other women, in my sister circle, a long the way. Everything I write about or say will not always benefit you or your situation. The issue is that people don't know themselves anymore so they go online looking to figure out who they are or what they will become. They don't know what a real man looks like let alone acts like because they are missing from our homes and neighborhoods.

Don't let these relationships experts get you in trouble. Don't let them kill a good thing because you're trying to make someone into something they are not. Every person is different and every relationship does not follow the rules, actually, those the best kinds of relationships because they teach you something about yourself. Don't be afraid to get it wrong because you will eventually get it right.

I love the gurus or experts who don't demean you for not taking their advice. I like the ones who don't criticize you unless you asked them to do so. I like the ones who say, "this is my experience, take only from it what you need. Peace, love, and wisdom be with you." < Ok, that's what I say but still, I enjoy it feeling like a conversation between to people and not a lecture. Yes, I came here to learn something but I also need to feel encouraged to try new things and know that the best is yet to come.

Be careful ladies who you open your hearts too because sometimes a "LIKE/READ" can be just as damaging as a manifesting that into reality. What we like, reading, and watch can harm us. Protect your heart because everything flows from it. Be willing to learn something new but do it in action and not in theory.

A few relationships experts I like to follow:

Paul C. Brunson
Relationship Advice with Ayize and Aiyana Maat
Tony Gaskin
Demetria Lucas D’Oyley
Yanni Brown
"A relationship is based on the effort of the 2 individuals involved, not some generalized ideologies of people out in the world." - Unknown

Best wishes,

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This blog is NOT geared toward sexual orientation or gender classification. This blog is based solely on the blog authors experience and research. This blog is geared toward promoting a mixture of masculine and feminine attire and with an integrated genderless lifestyle.

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