Girls Trip the Movie: #UokSis


 What a learned from their sister circle and how it can be applied to my tribe of single black women.

[Protect your greatest assets] ie Your heart and what ever flows from it.SPOILERS:

Ryan was so busy building a lifestyle brand that she forgot to have a life. She pulled her husband into it because he was retired and needed another source of income. Sad to say she became his source of income and don't get me wrong there's nothing wrong with working with your spouse but there also needs to be some space and time apart. When your whole life becomes about being "married" and not being a great partner then things can become difficult.

It's unfortunate that when Ryan became unable to have children they didn't decided that there were other options including adoption or fostering. I wonder if they even considering getting a divorce. We can't predict how our lives will manifest itself but when we say the words, "For better or for worst," we don't think of the worst because we're so caught up in the wedding bells. Sometimes we have to give up the worst to get the best out of our lives. Their relationship had reached it's expiration date but they were stringing it along way past its due date only have their relationship sour.

Lisa is the practical mother type in the group and you don't really get her full story but I'm going to assume it went a little something like this, she was too controlling, too mothering, and too conservative in her sexuality. There are issues with being "too much" of something when it comes to your relationship. Learning to be flexible in the bedroom and outside of it can switch things up and bring about a new person. Unfortunately, she learned this after her divorce with a 21 year old frat boy who was craved out of the Earth like a God. lol. I'm just saying that her ex-husband would of possibly enjoyed this new version of herself. I think had she kept in touch with her friends instead of putting her whole self into her marriage and kids then she might have been able to spruce things up a bit. I'm sure there were other issues but I hope she takes her new cougar status and attracts Lions not clubs. There's nothing wrong with dating men who are younger just make sure you both have the same priorities.

I'm still trying to figure out how Dina got through college with such a potty mouth. I mean this girl is straight out of the hood and everyone loves it! Don't get me wrong I have learned that little hood can be a very good thing when use properly. She is also dynamic in the fact that she is careless and a little bit of care-free can be a good thing. You need that friend that "tells you like it is" and is "ready to through down at any minute" because your man is not acting right and he needs a wake up call. Dina is also a good time but just make sure you pour you own drinks because you don't need a "Hanger Over" recap. Dina also is irresponsible and loses her job due to her anger issues. I would say this is the only time mental issues are exposed during this film. Even though Dina is justified to be anger it's the physical altercations that need to be addressed. The movies just shows that there is consequence for your action but doesn't show Dina getting the help she may really need to resolve the issues that cause her to act out.

Sasha my plus size fashionista and gossip blogger. Once a journalist for Times and holds more than one degree. I was sad that the movie didn't give her a real love interest because I feel they down played the plus size black queen dream that's going round now. Sasha is struggling to pay her bills and holds a little resentment towards Ryan, her bff, because Ryan ran off with their business plan to give up their writing dreams to her husband who retired. Sasha questions Ryan's loyalty to her as a friend and former business partner and I don't blame Sasha. On top of that, her ads are pulling from her site because is not bring enough gossip worthy content about the celebrity persons she knows. Being a gossip blogger is not shown as moral thing but something that appears to drain Sasha. She even gets confronted by one of the celebrity she trashes. It's a wake up call to all black women that gossiping about others is NOT a hobby and it might get you money but you definitely will loose the trust of those you consider friends. Is is worth it? Another thing is, Ryan points out that she notices Sasha keeping the tags on her clothes and things but never takes the time to ask...You ok sis? #uokssis. I really think that's an important message for all these ladies.

Black women don't get asked this question enough. We look on our friend's social media pages and we have quick text chats here and there but that doesn't tell us that the other person is ok. We as people are dealing with issues everyday that one sees. I feel Girls Trip the Movie only  brought out the issues that many black women have. We don't have a sister circle to be transparent with and sometimes in our relationships the me we partner with can't full understand what it means for us to be a double minority (black and female). No matter how many times we try to have "a conversation" with them there are few remedies for our broken spirit. We find our selves in church, at the nail salon, at the hair salon, etc. talking about our issues with no avail. What I'm starting to see now, even with myself, because have gotten so much judgement from our sister circle that we don't even talk about our issues anymore. We internalize and that creates mental and physical health issues. This was one of the topics not discussed in Girls Trip but definitely I hope they address in a sequel film. Black women are the leading majority when it comes the raise of mental health issues. We have to ask ourselves, why? and we should ask our friends, #uoksis?

Take the time to reach out to your closest girl friends and see what they're up too. If you can Skype or FaceTime. If possible try to get them together for a Girls Trip of your own. Plan some events around growth and exposure to new things. Have time to peacefully resolve any issues they might be tackling. Come together broken and try to heal some of what might be holding you back from moving forward in your life.

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