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You're scrolling through a website full of men and 9 times out of 10 you will see some very strange things. I would like to call these things annoyances because as women what we view as attractive versus what men view as attractive are very different. I just want to make you laugh out loud and recall somethings I've seen in the last few months via dating websites I have been on. Sit back and get comfortable because you're going to enjoy this.

*This is from my own personal experience and no names will be released in this blog. If you are depicted in any photos simple request to have it removed. This was not written to offend anyone but educate readers and shed light on dating online.


Pictures \

Stop posting pictures with children. You look like a pedophile... not nurturing or family orientated. It doesn't matter if they're your kids, cousins, or siblings kids. It's rude to post pictures of kids on a dating site where's people intentions vary. Better yet if you don't have permission from that child's parents then you're wrong.

Your parents don't interest us until we have been dating long enough to meet them. Therefore, please keep them off your profile pictures.

Stop posting pictures with your ex or with random women you met at the club. Especially, black men who post group photos with "white/asian" women because you refuse to say that you have a preference because you hate conflict. No one has the right to question your preference, but own up to it and have a polite response. If you have a fear of being racist against your own race, then maybe shouldn't try to be slick with it by posting pictures of blondes. Just be honest and ignore the haters.

- Most black women don't want anyone who doesn't want them so we won't question it. The ones who still don't understand themselves might bring it up to you, but not one who is self confident.

- It's already hard enough for a woman to resort to online dating only to see the man she's interested in only prefers to date women of another race. Without giving her a chance to get to know her personality because you decided off her race " skin color" that she was unable to date you.

We don't care if you've traveled all across the world. You don't have to post every picture with a local icon behind you. It just shows us you have traveled but not that you're cultured. Meaning, it doesn't show you that you engaged with the locals or did any kind of service outside of being a privilege American. Vegas is another wasting money on poppin bottles or making it rain is not attractive.

Group pictures with your hot friends does not help you. You wait for us to click on the profile to see which one you are... it sends you a notification, we checked you out, then you feel the need to send us a message about it. If you post group pictures you deserved to get trashed if you're the ugly one in the group. Only post group pictures if you, "the profile owner" is the hottest person in the photo.

Your celebrity friends do not deem you as date-able or economically stable. Your celebrity friends make you look like a groupie.

Stop posting pictures with hats on...we know that you're hiding something. YOUR SELFIE GAME SUCKS.

Being 420 friendly, wearing clothing from the 80s/90s that makes you look like thug will only attract certain types of women...the ones with little to no standards. Baby boy you're not on my mind and you fulfill no fantasy. Have a nice button up, good jeans, clean cut facial hair, and a face/body shot profile picture. SERIOUSLY, it's not that hard.

No one cares what kind of car you are driving.  I don't want to see it unless you're picking me up for a date or two.

Profile "About Me" \

Please take the time to fill this out with some unique information. STOP BEING LAZY.
That whole, "ask me and you'll find out" is dead. You get what you put out there.


We don't care if you play video games or go to the gym. All guys do that. What do you offer that is unique?

Stop making it a demand that we do either one of those things. We're women we have other things to do. If we work out it is for us not you. Don't care if you're a gym it for the gym. You can't lift problems w/ all that muscle? If you take care of your body that's great for the sex and maybe for looks, but eventually you will stop and get old.

Women don't require that you like shopping for long hours, doing make up, or taking long walks on the beach while gossiping about our favorite show. We understand that you are men and we should have some interest not hobbies.

If you don't want a relationship, then why are you on a dating site? If you want to scout women to sleep with I would suggest going to hook up site or an app. Nothing wrong with a little pleasure just don't tell women you want to date them when you don't. So don't request sex on the first date and expect a real woman to call/text you back.

Pull up your pants and put your t-shirt back on! Who are you trying to impress? Then you get mad when guys hit you or TS. It's because you're taking pictures with your whole body out there (egg plants), talking about, playing video games, sports, working out, and your car....who else is going to hit you up.

Messages \

Please don't says, "wyd?" "Hey sweetie pie, chocolate drop, vanilla lattee, baby girl, bae, boo, etc."

Expect women to start a whole conversation by herself after you say, "Hi." Like, if you don't want to know more about me then don't respond. Better yet, if you want to know more about me be engaging in a newspaper, watch the news, check out what's going on locally. Have something to discuss.

Don't ask for our number after swapping three messages because,  (bull shit excuse) "I'm not here much so hit me up on my cell." NO! I don't want you having my cellphone number you could find me on all my other social medias if my phone is connected to them. I will not allow you to breach my privacy. There's kik messenger or even Snapchat or skype.

If a woman chooses not to respond to your initial message then guess what? she's not interested move on to someone who is instead of bombarding her with twenty messages over the course of one month.

Tip to the guys: 

Women read into your "username" a lot. "Brad Pitt" lol, this was an example from eHarmony so I'll pass but those crazy ass usernames will get you deleted really quick.

Don't rely on dating profiles to find you someone. Be the hunter and politely reach out to a few women a month. Try to switch up your approach and see what works for you. You're going to fail before you get it just right.

Get a hobby so you can find women out in the real world. If you join a meet up group, take a class, volunteer, travel, etc. All these things help you bump into people you never thought of contacting or just opens your eyes into who you really are and what you like. Online dating profiles are not the only solution. Listen to what family and friends say about you and your character. If they say you're not relationship material...ask them why they think that. Then proceed to trying something different.

I believe a lot of men have a fear of being alone and they have no intention of being a partner in a relationship. They basically go online to find something to play with. Women are not toys for boys. They are helpmates for men.

Women can you relate to anything I posted above? Let me know if I missed something in the comments below.

Have a wonderful time dating,

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This blog is NOT geared toward sexual orientation or gender classification. This blog is based solely on the blog authors experience and research. This blog is geared toward promoting a mixture of masculine and feminine attire and with an integrated genderless lifestyle.

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