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We have got to STOP bashing blackness. Even as Africans we have to got to stop degrading apart of our history. OUR meaning Africans played a BIG part in pan-Africanism and the creation of black culture. I do not see my blackness as a nationality (not a nation, a religion, or republic based but more of tribal collective mentality). It the shared knowledge of the motherland and it's rooted in us.

There I was going on about my business and enjoying all the black girl magic on my IG timeline. I decided I would post an event I would be attending in November. I tend to post the events a month out so my followers can join me in attending. It's a good way for me to meet my followers and spark discussions about social/political topics affecting black women. I posted my event when a few days later I come across a comment that really irked the hell out of me.

It was my first run-in with a hotep and this is what he has to say about my black identity. Which clearly had nothing to do with the event photo which he commented under.

andre***: There is NO SUCH THING as African American! That is not a Nationality and if you spread that ignorance you are hurting yourself and others. The "black" people are really the Moors, the descendants of the first royal families! We have to wake up before it's too late.

My response: @andre*** excuse me? What the heck are you talking about? Or who are you talking at? This post isn’t about self-identification. So why you’d fix your fingers to target a convo about it under this post needs a little more detail. Again, it’s SELF-identification therefore, people choose how to identify...unless you don’t like how I identify myself then that’s not really my problem. I’m African (ethnic) and mixed, I was born in America (nationality), and raised in a black community with black values (culture) by my self-identifying black parents. I know exactly who I am and where I come from. I never sleep that’s why my degreeS sit next to my bed. They keep me WOKE. So does God. That’s why I majored in cultural studies and not business. You want to claim a “supreme black society” then do that. Moors were a Tribe, not an ethnicity. They had a rich Muslim culture. Lastly, I don’t need someone telling me how to identify because my confidence will never get so low that I forget who I am.

andre***: @androgynine what I shared with you is out of Love which is Truth. I meant in no way to offend you or your beliefs. I commend you for completing your educational program but don't for a second feel complacent because you were able to memorize information. One day you will be forced to realize that you cannot live freely under any government with the title "black" because that was a derogatory term created by Europeans. Africans won't even recognize you as black and this is an extreme issue of international human rights. I don't care if you have a phd if you don't deal with this issue your life may be at risk. Please research and open your heart to receive the Light because anyone who calls you black simply does not love you or care to see you at as your authentic self. Ask around in your community I guarantee you that your brothers and sisters are waking up one by one and giving back the European culture to the Europeans so that we can return to being the leaders of the world and not the followers. American is not a Nationality it is a republic and in order to being an American citizen according to the Constitution you MUST have a Nationality. I.e. Chinese American, Mexican American etc. @androgynine if we cannot have an intellectual conversation without getting defensive then we cannot reach the next level of understanding. We have to listen with our hearts not our egos

My response: @andre*** your tone and syntax is demeaning. “I don’t memorize information - I practice the life I preach.” Then you say want to have a discussion, all while you’re trying to prove something. That being black or claiming black is bad? My culture is black that doesn’t negate my Africaness. Let people seek the knowledge you are so forcefully trying to shove down my throat. Respect the fact that I’m scholar and stop mansplaining your truths. If you wanted to discuss up to the event or an event pertaining to your topic. I can have a scholarly discussion and we can agree to disagree but if you wanted to discuss things with me then IG is not the place. You’d know that if you knew me but you don’t. Again, the laws of this land are not the only laws that govern me...I am who I say I am not what you want me to be. If egos need to put aside I ask yours be the first. This “discussion” thread is over. My DMs are always open for discussion. Have a great day.

Then he proceeded to DM me about knowing one of my friends and saying that one of my friends is trying to work with him to push his agenda.

I'm like? ok, so what?!! I didn't even respond to the BS.

I have had this happen to me so many times and I really just got so fustrated about it that I don't even talk about my ethnicity. I don't have to be proving or disproving anything to anyone. I know who I am and I'm stern in that.

What is your experience with Hoeteps?
How do you respond to people telling you what race you are?
Do you struggle with being both African and Black? What does that mean to you?

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