How NOT to Become a Crazy Cat Lady


Get a cat they said, it will be easy they said. Let me tell you this now, getting a cat is not easier than taking care of a dog. Don't adopt a cat thinking that you will not have to do anything to care for the animal. There are two types of people in this world, 'pet owners' and 'pet parents' and yes there is clearly a difference. I'm writing this blog to outline how not to become a crazy cat lady but also encourage my single ladies to take the responsibility of owning a pet seriously.

Oh Atticus, you old hoe! You can hear me yelling this in my snap chat videos or IG videos. It's my nickname for Atticus, my pure breed Calico cat, who by the way is a female. She's the spunkiest animal I have ever owned. Some people say she's a diva because I spoil her but trust me I don't. I purchase things to make both of our shared lives easier. I respect my cat as apart of my family and also as an animal who requires certain things to be taken care of properly.

I became a pet parent a long time ago, I have had to care for both cats and dogs. Yet, this would be my first time as an adult having the full responsibility of an animal. I realized that not all cats are the same and I didn't know shit. It was literally driving me insane! All I talked about was how Atticus did something that pissed me off. I could not figure out what the hell I was doing wrong. Until I realized, it was me, not her.

Consider getting no more than two cats, you will start looking like a spinster lol. Overall, I wouldn't suggest it because cats need a space to roam and they also require litter box space as well. The more cats, the more litter boxes, and that means more work for you.

Cat litter = the holy Mecca. I had to learn the hard way. Some clump, some don't mask the smell, some are too hard or too soft. You will have to work with your cat to get the right balance. I currently use Precious Cat Dr. Elsey's Ultra Scented and I mix that with Tidy Cats 4-In-One Strength (odor control). Atticus does not like how hard the Tidy Cat's litter is and she pees on my sofa TWICE! Plus the Tidy Cat did not clump at all! Dr. Elsey's is a clay based clumping litter but it does not mask the smell. So, to get the perfect litter I had to create it. I'm happy a girl.

The Litter Genie will save your life! I was throwing a way so many trash bags because I needed to get her poop out of my house. What I love about the genie is that it has a hack for you drop the litter into the bag, and it goes down into a storage bin, and flies can't get it and smell can't get out. You should be able to drop litter into it up to 8 weeks without any issues. I usually do it for 3 weeks then I tie off the bag and take it to my dumpster. (ps, I wish they had one for menstruation pads)<TMI I know.

Litter mats are perfect for keeping the litter trail from showing up all over your home. I have two litter mats to stop tracking. One, Petlinks Purrfect Paws Gray Cat Litter Mat and a regular welcome mat with groves from Fallas Padres.  My wish list is for: Moonshuttle Blackhole Litter Mat.

A hand broom so that you can sweep any excess litter from their potty zone.

A canister or basket for odds and ends. I usually put a towel, sponge, cat formulated cleaning supplies (nothing with citrus), and a spray bottle.

A Large litter box with a lid. Got mine for $10 from Ross.

Buy both wet and dry food. Wet food actually makes your cat's coat healthier. You can tell a cat with a healthy coat because it will be extremely soft and shiny. It's also not natural for cats to eat dry food but I understand if you can't afford wet food because it's not cheap. You can see the overall benefit of buying so do it in bulk (Costco or Sam's Club).

Coconut oil!!!!!! OMG those pesky hairballs will diminish like crazy. Put some in your cat's food right after you put some on your hair/skin LOL.

Nail clippers! These things will save your life and your furniture's lifespan. If you have never been scratched by a cat or kitten then you will not understand the pain. If you have nice furniture I encourage you to give your pet a place to scratch which leads me to suggest getting a Cat Condo. If you can't afford one right away get a scratching post or scratching box (99 Cents store has them for 1.99) and don't place them on the carpet because your cat will get cardboard everywhere and start scratching the carpet. Lesson learned!

Grooming is important. Every once in a while you should take your cat to the groomer. The vet with skim through their coat for ticks and things but they will not clean your cat. Your animal deserves special treatment sometimes but mostly it's because having a clean, relaxed, animal helps create a good relationship between both of you. It's important for your cat to trust you. Some places even brush your cat's teeth! Yes, if your animal eats wet food this important to get their teeth brushed.

A lint roller is going to be your new best friend. You'll use it on the couch, the counters, your clothes, and anything else your cat can get its fur on.

Double sided tape to keep your cat off things they shouldn't be sitting on.

A cat condo. Give your animal something to climb and play on if you're going to keep them off counters and tables. Remember it's important for your cat to get exercise as well.

Pet insurance. Should I say more? Let me, if your animal gets sick then know it can die. I don't know about you but after dropping all that money on things listed above I would not want Atticus to die. You can see a pet as an investment in your well-being and home. Atticus gives my home character and also she lives there more than me. It's important for me to make sure it's clean, livable (circulating air or heat), nontoxic plants, etc. All these things can affect her health and therefore, get Pet insurance so that you are not troubled by the cost of your animal falling ill.

Please, do not get an animal and you can't afford to take them to the vet.
Try your best to get pet insurance before you animal becomes sick.

Flea and Tick medicine is not cheap and you will need to make sure your cat has this as prescribed. They usually cost $35+ and I say go with Frontline.

Clean their litter box, toys, cushion bed, etc once every month. The purpose is it eliminates the spread of germs and the smell in your house. Besides, your cat wants a clean space just like you do.

Be aware of the plants you have in the house. Funny enough most houseplants are not good for your cat. Give them their own plant corner if they just can't seem to stop eating yours. I can't get Atticus to stop eating my plants so I just gave up. She doesn't like basil so that's good but every large plant I have had she's destroyed. I have given up.

Put a bell on their collars. Trust me, this is a life-saving tactic. For example, you might get up in the middle of the night and your cat is sitting by your door or the bathroom door. To avoid tripping over your cat and breaking your leg (can't tell you how many cat owners have had this issue). The bell sounds off every time they move so you know where they are.

I use to travel and still do, A LOT! When I leave, I'm gone for at least a week. The hardest part is being a pet parent and plant parent at the same time. I have to find someone to water my plants and also make sure Atticus gets her wet food ie hasn't destroyed my home. is a great place to find a cat sitter < I know right. Seriously, if you can find a friend that's informed about your animal then that's great but if you can't and you don't trust anyone with your special needs animal then please consider hiring a professional. You can always leave them at a pet hotel as well but it's going to pricey. Either way, I never go on vacation without making sure Atticus has everything she needs and sometimes that includes human interaction or a fan/heater.

If you have any questions please message me or comment below.

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