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No one told me that after finishing graduate school I would meet my breaking point in life. I didn't know that I would question every move I made or regret ones I had made. I'm a planner so I thought I'd had my life all figured out and that by the age of 30 I would be working in the corporate world and become the girlboss I dreamed of as a little girl. I know, some girls wanted to be wives, and I wanted to Olivia Pope, Oprah, mixed with Rihana LOL.

One day I woke up, at age 29, and I was like WTF am I doing? Where has my life gone too? Am I creating an impact? Am I happy?

The first thing I did wrong was that I took a job to pay the bills. Literally, that's all my salary did was pay the bills and left me wanting more out of life. I was working at a place where I was never going to get raise. Living in Los Angeles, Long Beach to be exact, and that meant rent was going up every single year and I couldn't take it anymore. I was nearing 30 and thinking, I don't want a roommate at my age but I might have to do that in the near future.

I haven't been blogging because how do you talk about something so painful.  I had my first 8 to 5 job and I was completely miserable. I was doing everything I could to please my supervisors but nothing was working. The unique skills I wanted to explore and expand on weren't necessary for that particular job. Don't get me wrong, I loved what I was doing and I enjoyed my students but, in the back of my head I keep telling myself I have two degrees to pay for and I needed to keep a roof over my head.

I don't think you understand, I was living my dream, at least I thought I was. You see on the outside I was well put together but on the inside, it was a madhouse. I told God when I was a little girl, I would move to Long Beach and live in Craftsman house by the ocean. I never thought in million years I would get the chance but low and behold I was living my dream without my dream job. I guess I should have been more specific about it because I didn't know I would give it all up one day.

TRUTH BE TOLD: I should have stayed in my roommate situation. I was saving hundreds a month. I should have looked for another roommate situation once things there got rough. If I stayed in a roommate situation I would have been able to save for what I wanted. LESSON LEARNED. Don't let your age determine your worth...you don't have to live alone to be considered a GIRLBOSS. Please, don't live outside of your means. ACT YOUR WAGE. 

I told God that taking this job was temporary until I found a career placement. One year later and again I told God the same thing but this time I was more proactive. That was great if my career wasn't tied to politics and Trump didn't become President. See, I applied for my dream job in D.C. and I traveled all the way there, questioning God the whole way, I got there and I got my answer.

I walked away from something I thought I wanted and it's not that I didn't want the job it's the question God asked me that changed my mind. He said, "Do you trust this person with your LIFE?" and my reply had me walking out the door. Everyone said to me, "There are will always be room for people like you in the world." But they didn't know I was asking, "where do I go from here?" Ever since I left D.C. last June I have been asking myself and God that very question.

A few months later I heard God says," go...go girl. Flea from this place." But, I became scared because I had responsibilities but I should of put more faith in God that he would carry me through it.

This what I've learned thus far:

Set goals for your job, career, and your life separately. Never let them collide because it can feel like a storm.A job is temporary, a career is longer term, and your life is what you make it.

Do a workload audit whenever you do an evaluation.

NEVER TAKE YOUR WORK HOME WITH YOU. Unless you work from home.

Health Care benefits are important! Don't play with your health.

The only person you can change is yourself. If your job requires that you change the foundation of who you are (morally) then, you're not the problem it's the environment, leave.

Know what you're good at, look at what you get praised for, and know what you're not.

Don't try to change the system instead, try to make the system work efficiently for you and your organization.

No matter what position you're in always be willing to learn something new.
Get more than one income. Don't just have a 9 to 5. Get a salary job, an hourly job, and a bonus paid career.

For me, it's important to take one week off every six months and I prefer it be paid. Some people may not need vacations but they help me reconnect with life outside of work.

Work with a team if possible. Don't take on every project by yourself because sometimes you need someone to take a second look.

I would like to work for a company that is diverse because being the only person of color can lead to microaggressions. The more time I put deflecting and rejecting those aggressions the less time I have to do great work.

Take the time to get to know yourself and your skills. Take a personality test and a professional skills test. The professional skills test should be available are your local community college, your university, or HERE. Your personality test can be taken for free with https://www.16personalities.com/

Quit your job, not your dream! I'm going to let this carry me to the next level.

Yes I'm homeless again, not living with family, (I will tell you more in a future post)...thank God for the library. Pray for me know that I will keep writing and telling the story of what it means to be a single black woman in America. God willing I will won't be homeless for long, I will get a job, a car, a home, and create the life I deserve.

God bless you and keep me.

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