Quarter Life Crisis | What NOT to Do


First thing NOT to do, is panic, I get it you're worried so am I. Learn from my mistakes.
Don't go jumping off a cliff! Seriously, suicide is not the answer to your problem. It is a way to end a problem but it's not answer to it.

Don't compete. What your friend is doing is none of your concern. I'll tell you why, because your road to success is completely different. You can't live your life through others via social media.

Panicking about everything is not going to help you be productive, something you should be while going through this very tough time.

You might be looking for a change in career, location, network and that means you gain inspiration but you lose your social circle, proximity to family, or your favorite restaurants where you're a 'usual.'
You will be uncomfortable at some point but without it, you can't grow.

If you can, try to save up an emergency fund along with a 'networking fund.' The emergency fund can be used to safeguard you from the loss of a job/relocation. The networking fund will allow you to go to the cities of your interest and apply or interview for jobs. While you're in a new city you should network by attending local events. The best way to get a job these days is posting and updating your LinkedIn profile and physically being present at local networking events.

Don't move back in with your parents. You are not the same person but they are. This means you will be stuck with the flow of someone else's lifestyle while trying to figure out yours. The best time to make a change is by getting a roommate or staying where you currently are. You have enough to worry about then running errands with your mom while she gets her nails done. The key is to be extremely productive and sometimes others are not respectful of your time. Also, parents have expectations of you as if you're a child and you're an adult the last thing you need is to be treated like a teenager.

Do not offload all your frustrations on others around you. Try your best to explain that you're in a tough mental space and that you're just trying to get over the hump.

Also, do not ignore how you are feeling. If you need a see a therapist then try to see what's available in your area. Self-care is extremely important at this time, I decided to get back into working out, and I've been happy to see results. That's the thing, you need something that gives you results so that you can encourage yourself and remind yourself that you've accomplished something.

I don't know what it is but during this quarter-life crisis, you forget how accomplished you are and what you've already done. Amenisa of accomplishment is what it really should be called.

Don't stop learning. If you're looking to change your career then you should research that particular job description. Learn knew hard and soft skills. Try getting a certificate or associates degree that was similar to that field. You can do this online or in person at a local commnity college.

Don't get caught up in the small stuff. You need to focus on the big picture. Where do you see yourself five years from now? Do a vision board, yes get creative, do a bubble diagram if that's what you like. Get a visiual on your goals.

Don't ignore career help. If someone offers free mentorship or online career consulting then take it! Free advice or mentorship is so valuable during this time. Someone outside of yourself can offer clarity in areas you're feeling grey about. They may also give you a structure to starting your roadmap to success.

Don't forget to listen to yourself. You know yourself better than anyone and you should have a grip on what you don't like. I have said it a thousand times, if you don't know yourself as well as you should, take a personality or professional skills test. I trust you have some sense of self and you know what you want and you just need to slow down and breathe.

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