Magic Hair Company AND JuJu Hair Unit



My new unit includes Magic Hair Company closure and JuJu Hair bundles.

DETAILS: Magic Hair Company - Lace Closure 14inch Virgin Indian Curly w/ upholstery fabric behind lace for realistic scalp.

LIFE HACK - Turning my Lace Closure ----> into a Silk Base Closure

*TIP*: Make sure to bleach your knots on your lace closure

JuJu Hair - 2 bundles of Virgin Indian Curly 20 inches
TIPS: Don't cut the wefts &/or seal them with fabric seal from Walmart. Deep condition hair with Argon Oil pack.

*TIP*: I suggest getting 3 bundles of JuJu Hair because the hair is not very dense. I have a small head so I only got 2 bundles.

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