Shoegasm | Coral Snake Block Heels


If you're anything like me you love a good shoe! I saw both pairs of these shoes on the internet and one on pinterest (a shopaholics worst nightmare). Since I hadn't added to my high heel collection in a while I decided to buy just one pair. I ended up with these babies.

The pair above are from and the had SHIPPING that I couldn't resist. Free 2 day shipping sale. Also I use a coupon: $11 off is a amazing. I feel like their site was so easy to use with a lot of choices. I got these in Coral but I'm think I might get another pair in beige because these are the shoes I'll be rocking at work.

I chose the color coral because I feel like I have so many tan, black, etc shoes. I wanted something that would stand out. I have no idea what I'm going to be wearing these with. I'm sure I'll find something lol.

[Search this blog for]  - Michael Antonio Jace Coral Snake - you'll find the entire outfit.

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