Shoegasm | Tahari May Nubuck Sandal Copy Cat

I love snakeskin print shoes. I can't afford real one's but I would never wear a real snake anyway. I like the texture against my brown skin…
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Fitting Room Confession | BeBe (LV) Club Dress

{Do I Look Fat?} As I'm standing in the fitting room of this chic boutique, BeBe Town square Las Vegas, and I realize...I've never looked so …
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BBQ Brown Sugar Baked Chicken Wings

SINGLE GIRLS AT HOME BAR B QUE I'm not a grill master, but I have deep southern roots within my family. As a single girl we think, we can't …
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Museum Express | Descanso Gardens

When you're the new girl in town, a single girl at that, you have to get out and explore what is around you. Luckily enough, I had a friend show …
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