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{Do I Look Fat?} As I'm standing in the fitting room of this chic boutique, BeBe Town square Las Vegas, and I realize...I've never looked so good. My curves perfectly placed on my small frame. Yet, there were times when I was a little unsure of how my new weight looked on me. I can say...I worked hard for this body. It's been through a lot and now, I'm starting to enjoy it. This is a candid blog post about accepting my body and retaining confidence.

When I was in my teens I wanted bigger breast and a big booty and I literally was praying for it. My aunt always told me ok, one day God is going to give you just what you asked for, and you won't know what to do with it. Then, it happened one day, I woke up 25 pounds heavier, and I had no idea how to dress myself. I went through my closet and nothing fit me anymore. I called up my best friend and we went shopping. It was tragic because I had no idea how to dress myself. I went from a small to medium and having bad thoughts about buying a large. My weight is going up and my body and I are going through a rough patch.

(Throw back - 95 pounds)
Most people don't get it. I have been 95 pounds, my whole life until I turn 25. I believe that is when I started gaining the weight. My friends and family believed it was due to stress and health-related issues and they are probably right. Yet, my main concern was my image, especially being on YouTube and constantly working in front of people. Of course, everyone noticed and they were quick to point it out. This is what I heard, "Oh, you gained a little weight there!" and "Wow, you gained weight it looks good on you." Or this, "You're busting out of those clothes, girl." Oh, the "You pregnant?!?!" But most of the comments were directed to my butt area - those I won't repeat but you get the gist of it.

It's been a couple of years since I gained the 25 pounds and I strive very hard now to balance my diet and cut back on the alcohol. I even gave up eating cheese every week. The hardest part is working out. I walk a lot and I still haven't cut the weight. I love the weight in the places I begged for it, but in the other areas, I have to go old style with the cardio and plenty of water. 

I'm not fat, I never thought I was fat, but for my body size and weight, I'm right where my doctor wants me to be. I'm really happy at this new found weight and I'm finding new ways to style my shape. I keep my confidence going by showing a little skin and remembering that my personality is the only thing that will last so I better get used to it LOL. OK real TIP: Don't talk down to yourself! Tell yourself the truth, but also pay yourself a compliment a day. No one is going to think you're sexy unless you do.
Let's not forget, I'm a regular girl with the same issues as any other woman.
Wait, let me take a selfie!

Shout out to Shannon at the BeBe in Las Vegas' Town Square. She made me feel beautiful and confident. I had a blast at Hakkasan!

Before you go:

What do you tell yourself in the fitting room? What would you like to improve upon? Any tips for me?
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