Shoegasm | Tahari May Nubuck Sandal Copy Cat


I love snakeskin print shoes. I can't afford real one's but I would never wear a real snake anyway. I like the texture against my brown skin. So when I stumbled upon these sandals at TJ Maxx I had to find a pair in my size. Now, that I'm constantly wearing heels to work and meetings I had to get a "block heel" that would support my constant walking (commuter). These heels were a perfect fit.

 The strap did not suffocate my weak ankles and the base has enough cushion to feel comfortable. I would add some Dr Scholl's For Her Heel Insoles with arch support. 
 Tahari May Sandal - Similar

 If you're looking for business heels that will be comfortable and stylish I would suggest going to Tahari website. Now the site is on the more expensive side, but at least when you head into DSW or TJ Maxx you will have a general idea of what you're looking for.
 [Search this blog] for - Tahari May Sandals - to see the outfit I pair these with.
 Business clothes don't always have to be boring. They can be fun and exciting. You really just have to add color and print, which can be difficult. I was inspired my the Urbane Heiress < please go check out her blog featuring business attire for any women on a budget. She has a lovely way of styling with color and prints.

 Similar heels from same designer - Tahari May Nubuck Sandal

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