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After having a rough start this weekend, feeling sick, I got a text from a coworker asking me to join her at a charity event. Of course I couldn't turn down an opportunity to donate to a good cause and also network. Some of the best connections I have made were at a charity event or local events. I decided to hit up my best friend who was also doing nothing on a Saturday night, oh the single girl life, and she decided she would also join us. The event was held at Fred Segal's cafe on Melrose! It was a beautiful venue. Given the location, we decided to go with a business casual look. I wore a simple floral dress with Calvin Klein knit jacket.

 A little more on the foundation who sponsored the event:

Help A Life Foundation was formed in 2007 with the goal of housing and educating adolescent orphaned girls and providing them with a secure and supportive environment. They will be enrolled in a four year public school program with an emphasis on an additional tutorial in Math, Science, Computers and Health Studies. In addition, life skill training will also be provided to integrate them into society as productive citizens. 

 The crowd was amazing. Everyone was singing and enjoying the dancing. Video via instagram :)
The commitment of Help A Life Foundation will not end with graduation from high school. It will continue to support each girl through four years of college and is arranging for full, financial scholarships through individual sponsorships in the USA & Europe.

Help a Life Foundation is a USA 501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt organization, all donations are tax deductible.

 At the bar they served wine at the price of $7 a cup. The pomegranate sparkling wine was amazing! I also had a glass of red wine that peeked my taste buds. This event was filled with amazing people working behind the scene to make sure everyone was comfortable. I want to thank them!

Marco G brought out this clothing line and sold pieces at $30-40! I snagged two dresses (pictured below). I wanted more, but I stopped there. ALL THE PROCEEDS from the purchases (food, drink, and clothing) all went to the charity.


I donated $97 which will feed 4 girls for 1 month.

LIFE HACK: Don't sit around a on a Saturday looking lonely... if someone invites you out get off your bum and get dressed. What ever dress you've been saving for a raining day, pull it out, and let your hair down. Have fun, you only live once. If you can take some of that hard earned money and give back because you will get more than you could imagine. What are you getting out of life today?
I got a great environment filled with encouragement and warmth when I was feeling cold. There are far more important things in life than chasing men or trying to out do the next chick. Be kind to those who ask nothing of you.


Big shout out to my lovely friend Hilina who invited us to this event. She has been working with the foundation for some time and she exudes what black women can do with their education, family, and love for others.

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