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On November 10th, 2014 at California State University, Dominguez Hills I gave a speech to the College of Arts and Humanities Convocation in the Art Gallery located in LaCorte Hall. I was asked by a fellow co-worker to speak on behalf of ASI as a graduate student of Humanities to give a speech and promote the upcoming elections. I was nervous at first because I thought I would just go to assist them in the setup, promote the elections, and here I was asked to give a speech.

Public speaking is probably one of my least favorite things to do. I suffer from really bad anxiety issues, some may recall from my previous post on getting my driver's license, and this is the cause for my hiatus on public speaking. I never really enjoyed talking to large groups of people because I prefer one on one interaction. Don't get me wrong, I'm a communicator, at her best, but I'm just not the best public speaker and especially not a speech writer.

So for all of you who missed the opportunity to hear me give my speech, including my Dad, I've posted it below for you to enjoy.

This speech is dedicated to all those who major in Humanities.
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How Do You Measure Excellence?

When I told my parents, I’m getting a degree in Huamnities and they told me to go to law school. When I told my friends, I’m getting my degree in Humanities they told me to go into business. Everyone told me, Humanities won't make you rich! I replied, I know. But it will make me happy, it will make me a better person, and that is just something money can’t buy. 
I want to say that I came into the program eager to help people, but that would be a lie. See, I came into the program to find myself. I expected my professors and my chair to guide me through the process and tell me who I would become. That never happened.
See, I was trying to measure up to everyone around me. After getting a very horrible grade I realized that something was missing. I realized that the measure of excellence doesn’t come from the grades you produce because we are all intelligent in our own way. No, it comes from how you measure up outside the classroom. It’s about what you bring to the table. How we apply what we learned once we’ve learned it. 
Each student is different, unique, determined, and passionate.  
So, how do we measure excellence? 
In ART we measure it with a line, in MUSIC we measure it with a scale, in DANCE we use a beat, and in THEATER we use the plot but in HUMANITIES we measure the lives of human existence.  
We measure the importance of what WAS done, but also what CAN be done.
Nothing can ever be undone. From the tragedy of Pompeii to the triumph of President Barack Obama. We have all played our part in the measurement of history.  
"Humanity teaches us that we are sharing our lives together and we barely even notice." 
ASI teaches us that we can create history by leaving behind a legacy at CSUDH that is measured by three things: Leadership, growth, and advocacy. We can make a difference if we apply ourselves in and outside of the classroom. 
It shouldn’t be about who gets what degree. It should be about who gets the experience and how they make the best of it. College is about you, it's about being selfish and exploring your passion. What better place to do that than CSUDH? What better place to have that experience than the college of Humanities. 
I have found my excellence as a graduate student but also as the Elections Commissioner at ASI. 
We may not always measure up, but we all have the opportunity to go after what drive us. 
We are all well rounded, intellectually driven, and self-reliant leaders of tomorrow. So just in case you feel that you don’t measure up be sure to look at the world through rose colored glasses and remember the only way you can measure excellence is by putting it back into the world. Don’t just learn how to follow, but also learn how to lead. 
Thank you and wish you all the best in your endeavors. 
(Pictured: Johnny, my fellow colleague in the graduate program of Humanities, we will both be graduating in Spring 2015)

I want to thank all of my friends who came out to support me.


  • Give yourself enough time to write it. I had a week. I thought about the first time I applied and also what I was feeling during my first year as a grad student. I wanted to give my audience honesty and transparency.
  • Rehearse your speech before you give it. 
  • Time yourself (I only had 5 minutes) I didn't want to go over or too much under.
  • Have a glass of water so you don't get dry throat.
  • Dress comfortable, you don't want to be pulling at your dress or your heels to be killing your feet.
  • Scout the location before you give your speech. 
  • Talk to members of your audience. 
  • Enjoy yourself.

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