Postmates | Mobile App Review

I recently ordered food from the delivery company/app called Postmates. I was in the mood for Chipotle, since we don't have one in downtown, I d…
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Rock Your Internship in 3 Steps

If you didn't know I recently got the opportunity of a lifetime by becoming a Public Service intern for a Senator. I know right! How cool is tha…
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Fitting Room Confession | White House Black Market (Belmont Shore)

This past weekend I had the best fitting EVER! I mean it. I didn't expect to walk into White House Black Market but I was drawn in and I couldn&…
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Cinematic | Lipstick and Lashes Drag Show

Cinematic | a drag show hosted by Lipstick and Lashes at Velvet Lounge in Santa Ana. The theme of the show is films and all that Hollywood magic! My…
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LACMA | Metropolis II

Metropolis II is an amazing exhibit on display at LACMA by Chris Burden. The exhibit appears to an audience like a huge hot wheel rack with toy cars…
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BEST Homemade Enchiladas & Red Sauce

When I was growing up I loved Mexican food. I lived in a house where we did not each out much. If I wanted something, I asked my aunt, and she cooke…
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Museum Express | Griffith Observatory

For the second time, I took the Museum Express, a Long Beach bus shuttle ($10) to travel in and around Los Angeles county to touristy locations. I e…
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Garlic Butter Shrimp Pasta

I love pinterest to find good recipes when I'm in a grocery shopping rush. I stumbled across this display of layered goodness and I thought, &qu…
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Lobby or Lose | Meeting Senator Ricardo Lara

Every year CSSA, California State Student Association, holds its annual CHESS, California Higher Education Student Summit, at Sacramento State. This…
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Best Virgin Sangria Recipe

The BEST Virgin Sangria you've ever had!
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My Natural Hair Story | The Recipe

I want to say my hair story started off blissfully with a BIG CHOP but that was not the case for me. I have always had steady growth and I would wea…
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DIY | Inexpensive New Year's Eve Party

Did you know that in 48 hours you can plan thee most amazing NYE party? Well neither did I...until it happened to me on a budget.
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