Best Virgin Sangria Recipe


The BEST Virgin Sangria you've ever had! 

Take one sip of this and you wont even realize there isn't any alcohol in it. I made this for my NYE party and it was a hit! I mean for those you wanted alcohol they simply added to their individual drinks. But, if I didn't tell anyone there was no wine in it they wouldn't have even noticed. This will be a party staple for me in the future.

The recipe 

2 bottles (or 1) of white sparkling grape by Welch's
1 cup of cold orange juice
1/3 a cup lemon juice
2 cups of assorted fruits (apples/red and green, oranges, and strawberries) sliced.
*Tip: I took frozen fresh strawberries, let them thaw in a ziplock bag and it created a strawberry syrup < that's what made it amazing*

I created a simply syrup in addition
- 1 cup of sugar 
- 1 cup of water 
boiled over the stove for 5-10 mins on medium.

    Mix all this in a large container and that's it! Sit it in the fridge for 1 hour and it's ready.

    I added rosemary to my personal drink. ENJOY!

    Before You Go:

    Did you try it? Did you love it as much as I hyped it up? If you make this recipe, be sure to snap a photo and hashtag it #AndrogynineRECIPE . I'd love to see how it came out!

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