DIY | Inexpensive New Year's Eve Party


Did you know that in 48 hours you can plan thee most amazing NYE party? Well neither did I...until it happened to me on a budget.

At the last minute, I realized none of my friends were going to be doing anything on NYE (PS, we're all single *males and females* so I decided to host a party at my apartment. I have never hosted a party in the two years I've been in L.A. I really missed the feeling of having all my friends over and cooking food, drinking, and laughing. I'm the kind of single girl who loves having people over during the holidays because I like creating my own traditions. So I jumped at the opportunity to do something I've never done before, host a NYE Party!

When I stated it was an inexpensive New Year's Eve party...I was considering a budget of $250 or less.

I threw this chic "Midnight in Paris" (another example) NYE party for about $175 without the alcohol for a group of 12 or less. If you add alcohol then you're going to definitely hit $250+. Yet, when you're serving alcohol you tend to have more people over. I could of spent a lot less if I had already owned cocktail glasses. I spent $9 on glasses.

We, my best friend and I, spent $60 on decor items.

1) We purchased banners from Party City (so expensive, but no one else had them).
2) We spent most of our money in the Dollar Store or 99 cents store.
3) We created DYI decor or food settings.
4) We recycled items from Christmas decor.

The most expensive things were the 20 balloons, paper strawls, and unqiue party hats.
We got 20 star shaped metallic boloons for $20.

Issues: I couldn't find paper straws any where. I got some from walmart. I suggest Target too. I couldn't find sparklers anywhere!!! I would suggest saving these items from the 4th of July or ordering from esty a week in advance.

Resolution: If you can't find sparklers make 'um! lol > here. If you can't find paper straws just decorate your glasses with a metallic sharpie or glitter.

DYI Decor

Bow tie napkins by Sugar and Charm
NYE Menu print-a-bles by Evite
Blow Horns by Love the Day
Garland by Life.Love.Larson 

**Party Favors by Create.Craft.Love

Other free print-ables > here and here's a check list

Entertainment | Games

NYE Bingo by Marie for Blooming homestead
Who Wrote That by Real Simple

*Turn on the TV and watch the NYE parties or watch a funny movie(s)

Music | Youtube playlist - verison 1, verison 2, verison 3 (trap muisc) or just use iHeart or Pandora.

Don't forget to play: Auld Lang Syne | Mariah Carey version or my favorite Sex & City Version

I spent $75 dollars on food items.

Le Menu

Coconut Thai Shrimp | version 1 & verison 2 < I mixed them together
Ham & Cheese Sliders by King's Hawaiian < I did not use the sauce on top. I did a garlic sauce instead.
Vanilla Cupcakes by Chef in Training (vanilla cake box mix)

**I photoshopped these Evite print outs with an updated year and new font.

These would be good for alternative foods...vegetarians or those with food allergies.

> Chocolate covered Grapes with walnuts
> Vegtable plate with hummas and pita bread

Bubbly Bar

Virgin Sangria made with Sparkling Grape
White Wine Sangria made with mixed berries
Cotton Candy Shots made with Ciroc


  • Party City
  • Dollar Tree
  • 99 Cents Only
  • Target
  • Walmart

Before you go:
How did you spend your New Year's Eve? Do you have any resolutions?

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