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The mesh shirt trend is really in this year. I stopped by Forever 21 to see what I could find in the clearance section. I have really had a hard time picking out shirts lately. I think my issues is I don't believe a shirt should cost $20! That's a little too much for my budget. When you barely make minimum wage how to do you afford a shirt that would cost 2 hours of work-time? I'm just asking...

The struggle is soo real. I think I will have to start a saving account just for new shirts this fall. I can't take these crop tops and plain tees. I need more! I need eccentric details and bold colors.


  • Floral shorts are in!!!!! spring is in the air.
  • A blush pink fuzzy sweater is such a California beach girl staple but I love it.
  • The shoes, are Fringed Heel Sandals from Zara $109

Mesh athletic shirt give it an urban street wear style.

Before you go:
What do you think about those shorts? Are you into mesh?

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