Rock Your Internship in 3 Steps

If you didn't know I recently got the opportunity of a lifetime by becoming a Public Service intern for a Senator. I know right! How cool is tha…
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Fitting Room Confession | White House Black Market (Belmont Shore)

This past weekend I had the best fitting EVER! I mean it. I didn't expect to walk into White House Black Market but I was drawn in and I couldn&…
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Cinematic | Lipstick and Lashes Drag Show

Cinematic | a drag show hosted by Lipstick and Lashes at Velvet Lounge in Santa Ana. The theme of the show is films and all that Hollywood magic! My…
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LACMA | Metropolis II

Metropolis II is an amazing exhibit on display at LACMA by Chris Burden. The exhibit appears to an audience like a huge hot wheel rack with toy cars…
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