Rock Your Internship in 3 Steps


If you didn't know I recently got the opportunity of a lifetime by becoming a Public Service intern for a Senator. I know right! How cool is that?!?! I wanted to take the time to help anyone worried about their new internship and wondering what they could do stand out from their peers.

Here are three ways to rock your internship |

1. Know your responsibilities before you go in on the first day

- Do more than what is required of you, not less, but never too much.
- Re-read your application and pick out the top three things you do well and make sure your manger sees you doing those things well.
- Never be afraid to ask questions and take advice when it is given to you. After being scolded a few times make sure to let the person know that their information really helped.

2. Utilize your skills to the best of your ability

-If you're really good at talking to people, go ahead and be interpersonal, if you are not then don't do it!
-Do what you're great at and find other interns who are good at what you are not.

No one is ever solo when it comes to an internship. Show your manager you work well with others by simply asking for help from other interns. EX. > You can do this by saying, "Wow you're really good at that, next time, could I get you to help me? Or would you mind if I watched you do that next time, I could really learn a lot from you."

3. Accomplishments are the key to success

- Make goals then accomplish those goals every week. Show that you are being proactive.
- Ask if you can do anything to assist them to make their work load easier by being proactive.
- Learn something new, don't be scared you will mess it up, just take your time and try your best to get it done.

Once your internship is over keep in touch with the company. Send your manager/team a letter or email letting them know how much you appreciated them and ask them to add you on LinkedIn because you would like to keep in touch. You can also score good recommendations this way and you never know who you're going to run into in the future. I only suggest adding your manager or team members after your internship is over because you never to keep a clean record.

Before you go|

Add me on LinkedIn, if you have any questions please feel free to contact me, good luck with your internship and career.

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  1. This post is perfect!

    A lot of girls go in with no confidence and confidence is everything! This will definitely help any girl nervous about applying for an internship build self efficacy!

    1. Thank you, I also posted this to LinkedIn with a more tweaks. Overall, yes, CONFIDENCE is the key to getting and keeping your internship. I should talk about business attire next. Thanks for the support.


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