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Yes, I'm going to rant: Kanye's collection is not suppose to be worn all together. 

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Today Kayne West dropped the second installment of his Yeezy designer collection. Black people had the harshest critics of Kayne's work. Of course memes hit the internet fast.

If you choose to wear it that way then great! But, these are individual pieces collectively put together. Kanye West is doing this to say, "be creative...I'm not going to style you because to need to open your mind and do it yourself!" So if you have any kind of a brain this basic style should be easy. No one was bashing him when came with his AirYeezy shoes (Nike) < black folks loved that. New love them too! N+++gs love shoes, but can't grasp the concept of high fashion. When he came out with the heels Giuseppe Zanotti x Kanye West Wing Leather Heels for Kim every hood rat when and snagged knock offs. Omg!!!


But now it's like, the shirt is $400!!!! That's because the cotton blend is rare, the dye is Moroccan colors, probably hand died, the shirt hand sewn...the thread cotton lined... and not mass produced in a sweatshop.

When it comes to the color choice: He's making flesh tones popular. He's saying that no matter what skin tone you are...let's make that hot. Let's make you as a person hot. Let's not dilute it with a bunch of patterns and embellishments. You are the star of the clothing.

Picture from Flare

He had women of different body types and heights ie Amina Blue (the big booty Latin girl) every N++ is talking about.

Ian Connor, (smoking, a blunt I think, like he did not care while modeling), that was my favorite part of the show.  Sorry I didn't want to post that photo on this blog but it's on my instagram if you would like to view it.


WHAT I DID NOT LIKE (although it's artistic) that he did an ombré of the models because he put dark skin blacks in the back.

So when the media decided to snap photos for the articles the shit looked like this from L.A. Times who have a 12 photo slide and only 1 photo (right side) was of the black models, cropped portrait style, and only showed 1 of the many dark skinned models in the show.

Black people are mad because Kanye should of thought about this before the show. He's too smart to have made this mistake.

I applaud him for picking various models that were commercial.

Back to what I was saying about Kanye as an artistic person|

Kanye is taking a positive move forward in fashion even by having his daughter there. He wants people to know he's about FAMILY and business. He's about WEALTH and not being rich. Look deeper before you judge. American Apparel is the same style w/ colors and cheaper fabric and no is bashing that.

Overall, Kanye mixed a lot of things and he did it very well. He showed how simple flesh tones mixed with street fashion can be made into the high fashion. I liked this second installment and if I could afford it I would snag a body suit and a vest. I loved the clear heels too they had to by favorite along side the boots.

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This blog is NOT geared toward sexual orientation or gender classification. This blog is based solely on the blog authors experience and research. This blog is geared toward promoting a mixture of masculine and feminine attire and with an integrated genderless lifestyle.

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  1. I wasn't crazy at all about this collection. It was better than season one, had more pieces that I liked but still underwhelming. I love your perspective and that you emphasize that the pieces are separates.

    1. Thanks for your comment. I know everyone is not going to buy into Yeezy's Collection...I know I can not afford his merchandize. Thanks for appreciating my perspective. Hope you see around my blog again.


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