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I recently ordered food from the delivery company/app called Postmates. I was in the mood for Chipotle, since we don't have one in downtown, I decided to use a delivery company. I was introduced to the app via Chipotle's facebook a while back and couldn't wait to use it. There is nothing better than getting Chipotle delivered to your front door. I think this app is perfect for single girls let me explain why...

Recently, Chipotle has teamed with Postmates to make it's food more available to those who are super busy - GIRL BOSS UNITED. For the rest of us, lazy twenty-year-olds, I guess we got lucky LOL. Overall, I was in the mood for food and I couldn't miss the opportunity get free delivery for my first attempt at using the app. I found a coupon code and I went for it.

Here's a COUPON CODE: bgfbr < in case you just want to go for it! Eat first and thank me later.

This was my experience: #1 Chipotle

The order was assumed to take 50 mins I got my food in around 35 minutes which really isn't bad. My diver was a hip young girl looking to earn some extra cash. She was friendly and even included silverware and napkins. I was very happy that everything in my order was exactly as I had ordered it.


What I loved about the app was that I got to see my delivery driver. I don't know about you, but me, as a single girl I like to know who's showing up to my apartment in the wee hours of the night to drop off my goods. I think this is a very safe solution for anyone who feels uncomfortable about deliveries..

My second experience: #2 Chilli's

This time around I was being a straight bum. I was sick and I did not feel like walking down the street to pick up a meal. I ordered enchiladas, something I make at home, and I make it better but I was in the mood for baked potato soup so what's a girl to do but pull out Postmates.

This second driver was very nice but it took him forever to get to my apartment.

I mean it took him FOREVER to get my food, as in, 24 mins to make the food, 15-20 minutes to pickup the food, meaning it was probably cold by the time he got there and then another 7-10 minutes to bring it my apartment that was a 3 minutes away. By the way, the guy was older, and I assumed as soon as he picked up my order that this could take awhile.

He showed up on a mo-ped. This explained why it took him so long to make it to my apartment and why my food was cold.


You can track your delivery driver and see where they are and when they pick up your food. No more lying about being stuck in traffic when you can track it. For a single girl I feel this allows you take care of any errands, business, or house work you might have.


It can cost you anywhere from $5-20 for delivery. Then you still have to tip 15%.

Your order could come out to $10-35 and on average you are spending $25.

Postmates app is great for single girls.

It's expensive!!!! but say you're having a girl's night in and you're sick of the same old same old...You know, pizza and movie, then switch it up with Postmates.

You can get almost any local restaurant that delivers. Split that $5-$20 delivery tab and you're done. Break out a board game and let the party begin.

What I like is that Chipotle, Walgreens, McDonalds, Jack N The Box, etc are some of the companies featured in the app. You can get groceries and more! So if you're feeling sick, you can have someone pick up comfort items or if it's raining/snowing you can stay cozy in your bed while your postmate freezes their bum off LOL.

I'm a super busy person right now with work, trying to take comp exams for graduate school, running a blog, and supporting my friends/family. Sometimes I just don't want to cook and postmates has become my new addiction. I put myself on a once a month delivery because it adds up.


My suggestions for postmates is to make a subscription feature. Where you can sign up for $25 a month and get x amount of deliveries then all you have to do is tip. It's like paying it forward for foodies.

Before You Go:

Would you use postmates to order? Here's a COUPON CODE: bgfbr for your 1st and maybe second time. Have you used it before and what was your experience? What do you think about the fees for delivery + tip?

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  1. This looks interesting, but not so sure I would try it due to the extra money for delivery plus tip. Not being cheap, just saying I'm a guy on a budget! I think it's worthwhile if you want restaurant food when hanging with friends at your apartment. That way everyone can chip in and help with the bill. Overall, great review!

    The Cultural Report |

    1. Yes, I couldn't agree more. Let's think of it like this too...if you pay gas to get there and then you have to stand in line and pay then the app is great to use. If you use the coupon codes you don't have to pay for delivery the 1st and 2nd time. So basically all you pay for is the tip which isn't bad if you're not spending a lot. I can't wait for all my friends to come over...viewing party for Being Mary Jane or Empire? lol. Bust out the wine. lol Thanks for commenting.


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