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When I first moved to Long Beach, California I was in a rush to find an apartment as I was starting college in a few months. I only had two days to find an apartment and luckily I had went online to padmapper.com to see what was available. Since, I did not drive at the time my friend drove me around from apartment to property management and back. I'll try my best to give you some good tips about finding a place in Long Beach but also detail my slum lord experience.

After exhausting every resource I had and walking around Long Beach, peeking into windows and waiting for keys I stumbled across what I thought was gem. For the price of $675 I found an apartment I'd spotted on padmapper.com What sold me about the property was the price, it had parking, laundry, a frig, the location (next to the metro light and a Walmart), and lastly because it was secure. It was perfect for single woman looking to settle into a new area. The bad thing was, the apartment was extremely small. I mean small. For example, only one person could fit in the shower. As time went on I started to get really sick and noticed little black spots on the ceiling in the bathroom. I told property management who declared it was nothing and that I should make sure to leave the window open. I knew I had left the window open from the time I moved in. I started taking pictures and documenting everything. I ended up in a {slumlord versus tenant situation}< read up on that here. It dragged on for a few months before I was offered a bigger studio apartment for a prorated price of $725 when ended at $800 after 2 years. This is where I began my decorating story.

Futon: Got it off craigslist from a lady who own a warehouse. It was brand new. $125 Futon
Comforter: Ross and Down comforter Dormbuys $40-125
Major Retailers: Ikea, Ross, and Walmart.

Have a budget when decorating your apartment. Give yourself a $500 wiggle room.
I decided I would spend $1000 to decorate my entire studio apartment. Buy everything you can on SALE.

1) Try to buy big furniture at one time...room per room.
So, buy all your bedroom furniture, living room furniture, bathroom, and then kitchen furniture. That way every 3-6 months you're buying furniture.

2) Don't get little odds and ends until you've had a "House warming Party" and do a registry online (MyRegistry) for that so that if distant family member want to participate they can send you money via paypal.

3) Go to Goodwill and Salvation Army if the furniture in your area is too expensive or if you would like a DIY project. Also, visiting a fabric whole sale wouldn't be a bad idea as curtains and art work could be made from the sale selection. Ps, nothing wrong with shopping on Craigslist just have a friend with you.

4) Buy real plants if you're going to care for them. Make sure your apartment is ventilated for plants. Meaning you feel safe leaving the windows open while you're away at work or class. If not, buy fake plants that feel and look real.

5) Use pinterest, polyvore, and a free interior design app to decide what your style, colors, and interior space will be.
                 To check out my Pinterest Board: {Living Single} for tips and tricks
                 To check out my Polyvore Collections: Bali Theme Studio + Chic 1 Bedroom

Mirror: Ross, sale for $15
Wall Scones: Ross, $15 a piece
Hanging Planters: Druvflader Ikea $7.99 a piece
Frames: Walmart, sale $7 I printed my own photos and placed them in. DIY style.
Cones: $1 from the 99 Cents store during christmas
Entertainment Stand: Kallax Ikea $89.99

Laundry basket: Canvas Laundry from Walmart $13
Shopping Cart: Mainstay Rolling Shopping Cart from Walmart $25

Book Cases: Billy Bookcase Ikea $70 a piece
Huge Art piece: This is actually a divider from Ross $50
Curtains: Target $35 per panel
Desk: Ikea make shift desk
Ghost Chair: Tobias Chair Ikea $79
Lamp: Target brand but got it from Goodwill as a gift
Cork Frame: Ross $15
Coffee table: Lack Table Ikea $25
Clear Vases: both of them were free as I got them out the garbage when I lived in the dorms

Bar Cart: Ross $25
Fake Palm: Sale $20
Glasses: Dollar Tree
Pillow Covers: Gift from Greece
Foldable Chairs: Ikea $49
Sheep Skin (cover chair): Rens by Ikea $35

Mirrors: Walmart $7 a piece
Palm leafs: Place mats from Descanso Gardens total was $45, Get them here for cheap
Fake Orchid (white): Ross

Mirrors: Ross $27
Buddha Artwork: Ross $25
Elephant: Ross $15
Bathroom shelf: $35
Falling Water Artwork (not pictured): Goodwill, my friend bought it for me.
I accented this are with spa type rocks and tea light candles
I also bought baskets that I turn right side up into containers for toiletries from Rosss $20-35

I hope you enjoyed looking at my decor style and I hope this inspires you to spruce up your surroundings. Good Luck!

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