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Recently, Kanye West spilled the beans on why he named his new album "The Life of Pablo" and that Pablo actually stood for the Apostle. Kanye would have everyone believe he is continuing on his spiritual journey from the days of, "Jesus Walks." Maybe he's still trying to figure out how to utilize his second chance at life, after a near death experience that lead him to write, "When it All Falls Down." You never really know what you're going to get when it comes to Kanye, he's a Maverick, as some would say a 'wild card.'

Perviously, I outlined and critically analyzed Yeezy Season 2 and applied a few theories I had behind his color scheme and style. This time around will be no different, having studied Humanities in it's variations: philosophy, theater, art, music, and history I believe I can drawl on the artistic and historical elements of Yeezy Season 3 to better elaborate on Kanye's schema.

The social theories that were floating around about "The Life of Pablo" could actually how some substance with regard to the Yeezy Season 3 fashion show. Many assumed that Kanye's Pablo had to be Pablo Picasso or Pablo Escobar. If you don't remember, Kanye's best friend Jay-Z released a song called "Picasso Baby," where Jay-Z utilized energy as an art form. Jay-Z states, "When art started to become apart of the gallery it became a separation between culture....too bourgeoisie. We are artist, we are alike, we are cousin. Bringing the worlds back together."

The Yezzy Season 3 fashion does the same thing Jay-Z did in his video for Picasso Baby.

This is my analysis of how Pablo Picasso could be considered a part of the art form in which Kanye is trying to produce.

Pablo Picasso was on of the most influencial artists of the 20th century and he was ground breaking in the form of Cubism. During different periods of his life Picasso used different colors that were widely available and cheap to purchase. He had what people called a "Blue Period" where he painted everyday people, mostly poor people, in blue hues. He later when he moved to Paris he had a "Rose Period" where he used a pink tone.

Picasso later connect with Georges Barques to form Cubism. Picasso built his ideals of abstraction of the human figure from cultures like African and their mask but also from Roman art. He did this because he wanted to overcome his visual heritage, figurative art,  in order to find a language more responsive to the modern world.

Analytical Cubism is one of the two major branches of the artistic movement of Cubism and was developed between 1908 and 1912. The technique of faceting originated from Georges Braques - it was his way to depict a natural object.

There are two pictures that can be utilized to depict the technique of faceting in the fashion show.

“The Reservoir, Horta de Ebro,” (1909) | Visual Language

The painting depicts a hilltop in the South of Spain and below the hill you see a reflective view and a water collection. The important pieces of this work is the color scheme and how it is reflective in the stage upon which the models are standing. You also get to see the same color schema utilized in the image. Picasso's painting shows his willingness to push perspective and visual language. You are look up at the hilltop, the same way the models are looking up at the stage top, and the others in the audiences are seeing it all from different angles. Looking at the top and side of things...shifting your gaze. The fashion show becomes shaped by our movement through space and time. Interlocking different planes by color, moving colors into different shades of color, it becomes a synthetic hole. Leveling of object and the visual - pure sight becomes important.

Looking at the image below from the photographer's perspective, in the image below, this gives the online consumer (those who were not present) a totally different visual experience.

The space between the figures become solid. Just as the space is dark in the painting. There's no sense of sunlight but its all based on sight. The foggy smoke is similar to the images grey color schema and cast the solid human figures against the black background of the arena.

This is how Kanye, like Picasso is able to form dislocation of the way which form is constructed.

Either side of each structured stage the models are faced in the direction of observation. Both have a reflective style in the their stance and color. The same way the hilltop has a reflective image with the water collection at the bottom.

Picasso, "Three Musicians," (1921) 


Picasso didn't so much facet natural objects, but used the geometry of Braques' faceted paintings to create a style that was abstract in essence, almost pure abstract art.

"Three musicians," as a painting is about the bohemian life and how it has an aura of darkness that is surrounded by a bright center. There are three musicians, brightly plastered together, performing in a dark room. You also see this visually transferred in the pictures beside the original art work.

The young woman sitting on the floor can also symbolize the dog in the picture...sitting on the floor but blinding into the background.


What Kayne is doing in his fashion line is the same thing Picasso did with Cubism and that is leaving only enough signs of the real world to supply a tension between reality outside of the fashion and the complicated mediations on visual language between the audience and the clothing. For example, the fashion show was done at Madison Square Garden, you can see the background is dark and there's a fog in the air.


As a rookie designer, Kanye stuck to his neutral pallet of nudes, browns, blacks, but added Picasso influenced colors of faded reds, blues, and even through in yellows and greens. He is trying to make his clothing line abstract and break away from the high-brown facade of fashion.

The visual language he uses continues from the other picture above because:

He has taken oversized hoodies and skintight spandex and taken it from street wear to high fashion.
Another way he does this is by using various real people and not just models, again taking the the natural human form, and rendering it as acceptable. Therefore, the body still is the convass for the artwork and not just the clothing. Kanye acknowledges the everyday, middle to poor, in the same way Picasso did in his earlier art.

This blog post concept is still being analyzed.

Will update at a later time.

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