10 FUN Ways to Earn Money in College


Around this time of the year, high school seniors are gearing up for their next big step: COLLEGE. I wanted to share a few fun ways I've seen my fellow college student earn a little extra cash while they were completing their studies. Remember, that having a part-time job can be valuable in what you learn which includes but is not limited to financial independence, budgeting, saving, networking, office politics, and more. So even though you might not want to work your first semester consider it by your second year. Think of how you won't have to beg your parents for an outfit to that frat party, money for a girls night out on the town, or funds for your future spring break trips.


Tutor high school or college students in a subject you are highly confident in teaching.

Becoming a Mystery Shopper. You can make up to $14,000 a year.

Start a blog and get paid sponsorship or run ads on your site. This is great if you love photography, writing, or marketing.

Participate in paid case studies. If you want to sell your sperm or eggs to someone who might need them that is also an option.

Get a fellowship in your career field. Usually, programs will pay for part of your schooling and give you a monthly stipend.

If you're good at make-up or hair then start passing out fliers around your community.

Become a babysitter if you love kids then you can transform your summers into being an au pair overseas. You get to travel during your summer breaks. I would suggest having plane ticket money, a passport and/or visa, and a little spending money. Sometimes, families will pay for your travel ticket.

Work as a PAID volunteer for AmeriCorps. You get to travel locally or nationally and it usually comes with health benefits.

Become a house sitter. Seriously, you basically act as a live in security for with extra income while they're away for a few weeks to a few days. You can also dog sit, if you love animals, then you'll enjoy living at someone else's home. You may also have to do light house cleaning but usually you can get paid from $100 a day to 1,000 a week depending on how long you have to stay.

Become an Uber/Lyft/Postmate driver.

Bonus: If you work as a caregiver for the elderly...you can earn a serious income of at least $800 + per month and that's part-time work.

In my undergraduate days, I worked as a student assistant on campus. I worked for the front desk of my dorm, which came with a lot of crazy, funny, and not-so-funny situations. I worked for IT as a computer lab assistant helping my fellow students register for classes, use their emails, write papers, and so much more! Even as a graduate student, I took a job as a student assistant in the advising office of one of the largest departments and I was able to become peer consular and basically was considered an office assistant because I worked with 3 other student assistants training them. My only regret is that I should of learned to save more and spend less. But, I was young and silly so money came and went. My best advice is to make money, pay yourself first (1/3 of what you make, save 1/3, and the rest you can blow!).

Do you have a really cool job offer already for your next semester? Let me know what is in the comments below. Do you have any cool stories about your college jobs you've worked over the years? I'd love to hear how you made money will completing your degree. 

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