#GURLBOSS | First 90 Days


Yay!!!! You got the job!


But wait one second, they hit you with the first 90 days...or grace period. Now, all those dreams of buying a car, getting an apartment/house, or settling into a career begin to go sower. Don't get bitter just get better.

Here's a few tips and tricks of getting pass your first 90 days and getting your contract renewed.

  1. Put in work....werk werk werk werk.
  2. Don't be a negative nancy while in the work place. Leave your private issues at the front door.
  3. Don't gossip about your co-worker or boss. Believe me people talk and then, people listen.
  4. This is your time to learn the operations of your business so ask questions and apply answers.
  5. Set goals and find ways to make your bosses life easier. Are they having computer issues? Show them how to work with new technology instead of of ignoring it.
  6. Play on your strengths and never do anything that weakens your image. So go ahead, ask for help.
  7. Don't request time off unless it's an emergency. Build your vacation hours first. Don't call off on the same day! Never ask a co-worker to tell your boss you will not be coming in. Never, unless it's an emergency where you can present documented proof.
  8. Never do anything that is not in your contract. (Will pick this back up later). Don't get yourself in a bad situation.
  9. Never tell your boss what to do. Only make suggestions.
  10. Never share personal information with your direct boss. Always be short and brief. Wait 90 days before becoming informal with co-workers.
  11. You're relationships should not be discussed. Your spouse should not come into your office or your parents for the first 90 or even a year.
  12. When you're wrong, admit it admirably but recover quickly with a strength.
  13. Dress professionally for your field. You should always look polished.
  14. Never eat in your office. (Oops I made that mistake). Take your lunch else where. 1) Yes, your bosses get tired of seeing you. 2) No one wants to see you eat or smell your food. It's good for your overall health to move around and take 10 min breaks when allotted.
  15. Become knowlegable of all staff within your department. Who they are? How they can assist you. Create a self help list with contact names and numbers.
  16. If you have poor memory then use sticky notes or note pads. Never go into a meeting without a notepad, pen, or highlighter.
  17. Avoid pointing out your boss' mistakes. They are trying to position you to follow their lead...but, we're all humans so we make mistakes, just do yourself a favor kindly fix it for them and don't say anything at all.
  18. Never get too comfortable. Don't decorate your desk (Opps, I did) but I would not suggest it. Let the probation period end first.
  19. Never add anyone on Facebook or any other social media until you have moved from the job or determined they are an established friend (5 + years) and not just a co-worker. Unless, its LinkedIn, then its ok if you plan on staying at the job for more than 2-3 years.

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