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by - Tuesday, August 09, 2016

OMG, what the hell was I thinking?Did I just really do that? Did she just tell me to what? Wait, hold up!

That's exactly how I felt when I woke that morning from my crazy dream.  I couldn't even believe it. I had a million questions going through my head. Like why did I ask Hillary Clinton, the future president of the US, for a job? Who the hell did I think I was?

So let's start off with the fact I had a late night writing in my blog, Androgynine Life, a social-political commentary on the lifestyle of melanated women. I found myself, dozing off as I was finishing my edits and then, I was taken to another place.

I was dressed in my Sunday's best when I arrived at Trump towers to meet with an impressive group of women. I'm assuming it was for some feminist conference they were having in Vegas.  Something like "Lean In" or "Girlboss."

"Yes, the democratic Presidential candidate."

Either way I found myself outside Hillary's room after exploring. I found myself peeking in like a 2 year old child before she offered me a seat "at the table."

I proceeded to sit and watch the 4-5 women scattered around. All of them were from different ethnic backgrounds and body types, all conforming to the space, and all relatively  excited to answer "Yes, the democratic Presidential candidate."

Hilary looked up and across the table and said to me, "So, what brings you here?"

I was honest and said, "You should hire me." She said, "ok, but why?"

Given that she's already had a great group of women who had probably been "with her" since 1993, I was stunned.

Of course I went on rambling off my resume until she stopped me and said, "Let's get to the point, why should I hire you?"

I was dumb founded as I looked around the room and finally said, "Because, I'm worth it." She said," maybe you should volunteer a little more."

I felt sick to my stomach but then I responded,

"Women like me, we don't volunteer our time. We have set goals and we plan on accomplishing them. Within those goals we are building ourselves while building up our men and raising our children. Volunteering doesn't get me equal pay or seat at the table. It's doesn't put food on the table or raise awareness about the struggles of middle class America. No, it only feeds into a systematic oppression and fuels the anger that blacks have in this country right now. You want me to BE WITH YOU without pay? because it shows endurance, dedication, professionalism, and loyalty. I already have those things. (I gave her a few examples from my real life. 1} being losing my mother while trying to finish up my graduate degree. 2} finding out I had cancer trying to finish up my thesis in my undergrad degree). I told her,  my life and being in present in the room WITH HER was proof. Life is my resume. Let me know if you want to read more?"

I got up and told her one last time, "you should hire me." Then I smiled and shook her hand before I proceeded to leave.

I thought, as the women in the room began to answer their phones and run around again in a phantom...what the hell? Was I thinking?!?! I am with WE. Women of Endurance.

I said to myself, maybe I should go back to my community and make a difference. I needed to learn more.So that's exactly what I did. I went home.

A few weeks had passed and I had forgotten all about the ludicrous and yet embarrassing meeting I had with Mrs. Clinton. Then, I got the call...I hear, "Patricia, Hilary would to offer you a job." I was floored!

[Then I woke up.]

I'm a vivid dreamer as you can tell. I remember everything when I first wake up. Yet, I was about to be late for work, I threw on my clothes and rushed to the bus stop. Thinking to myself, why the hell didn't my alarm go off? I guess that's because my conscious had something to tell me.

Go for it! Ask, for the job you want!

I wondered if this dream could be a lesson for someone else but also for me. 1) How did I get int he same room with this woman? 2) What mistakes did I make? 3) Why did I not want to volunteer? I'm a humanities major for God's sake and 4) What did I do right? These are the things I needed to answer to get myself to the next level. I realized that I didn't want to get comfortable at my current job and that I needed to move back into my career.

Now let me answer my own questions because a little dream analysis goes a long way:

1)How did I end up there? 
I most likely paid to be at the conference because I thought it would benefit my career. I believe networking in person the the most fundamental way of letting people know who you are and what you do.

I ended up with Hillary and her team because I got curious and decided to explore the premises. I stepped out side of the box and into the oval office.

2) What mistakes did I make?
I should of never started reading my resume off the top of my head. I probably sounded like a broken record. I should of told her why I'm interest in political affairs and what I've contributed to that particular field. I could of highlight my skills such as, public speaking, speech writing, community outreach, event planning, political campaigning, bill writing, bill research, photography, graphic design, analysis of laws, budgeting and monetary  management. I could of discuss my passion for women's rights and how I've studies cultures around the world. Lastly, I could of attributed everything else about my former jobs and how I've helped them accomplish their goals.

3) Why did I not want to volunteer?
I think this is due to the fact that I'm not as young as I use to be. I have put in a lot of time and effort honing my management and analysis skills. I have put in over 6 years into higher education and my degree needs to start paying for itself. As a minority woman I already have a hard time putting food on the table and without any support from a partner it just isn't something I can do for hours a day on Monday-Friday.  Don't get me wrong I do volunteer but I don't give their projects all of me. They only get one to two hours and trust me that's not enough for a political candidate.

4)What did I do right?
I told her a personal narrative and I tied that into some issues she is already addressing in her campaign. I showed her that I'm not afraid to admit my downfalls and I'm proud out line how I turned them into stepping stones to obtain both of my degrees. A little personal touch to your resume can go a very long way.

Most importantly, I believed in myself. I think that's the first thing most women lack. You have to believe in yourself so that others will value what you bring to the table but don't let yourself be the only thing you bring to that table. Put food on the table. It's OK to nourish the ones you love but you also have to feed yourself. Do what scares you.Do what excites you. DO what you want to do. It's your life and you deserve it.

I hope you found my dream helpful.
Have you had a crazy dream that inspired you recently? Please share below or let me know via the hashtag #androgyninelife 

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